soul mates

2 girls who just graduated from highschool and is now in a dance,art, and music university and have special guest as there mentors for the rest of the year what will they do when they meet the boy again....


4. dates and heartbreaks

Celia's POV

after a while of talking all the students were called outside for the mentors showing but i think jojo and i already got a VIP mentor showing  we were walking to the front door to the front of D.A.M.E.U  we heard the boys whispering and kinda chanting "HAZZA AND ZAYN GOT A CRUSH" repeating it me and her were laughing like crazy when we were half  way out the door zayn and harry were running toward us and we didnt know too do we kinda got trampled over by them and they helped us up and asked us on a date and jojo already said yes (OF COURSE) but i didnt know what too say cause i heard that he already has a girlfriend and i didnt want to get in the middle of drama so i guess u already know what i said "no thank you" and i think he kinda got mad he was red in the face and kicked the door and ran away eventually all the boys were suprised by zayns reaction they all said "dont worry" and with that i ran too my dorm and when i unlocked it i seen zayns hand touching mine and he asked "why did u say no" and when i turned my head are faces were literally kissing distance and he was closing his face toward me and i dint know what to do but accept the kiss and the kiss deepend i seen a girl with blonde in tears and i covered my mouth and zayn turned around too see what i was looking at and seen his GIRLFRIEND F***KING PERRIE and he ran after her and with that i was left alone in a hall and sat down and cryed my eyes out in my knee's until i heard the boys and jojo laughing until it turned silent and i felt jojo run up to me and embrace me in  a hug so did every one but zayn

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