Things that Just Don't Make any Sense

This is Gummybear53 speaking!- Uhm, well, what else could you say... title gives it away :P But I guess this is just me writing about things that either make no sense, are totally stupid, or things that just need to be wiped off the face of planet earth.

This is Harrycurls speaking!- Well Gummybear53 kind of explained it. I'm mostly writing it at the moment. I also think of this book as my vent book so I write about things happening around me currently.


4. So today (Harrycurls)

Today has not been my day.First, my red school jacket got washed and my mom didn't dry it so I had to get a black jacket to wear. Then I almost missed the bus because it was a substitute who obviously didn't know where he was going. I barely ate breakfast so I was pretty hungry. 

It's time for advisory (homeroom) to start but since it's Friday we had to go to a guest speaker. I walked by the school Secretary (I guess she's something like that) and she made me take off my jacket. So I took it off and sat down, waiting for the guest speaker to start. I heared someone call my name so I looked and the same woman was telling me to come over. I got up and went outside with her when I noticed that (sadly) Austin and this girl Celeste were waiting also. I was confused but then noticed that they both had black jackets too. The woman then made us walk up to the front office and sit down in some waiting chairs. She then goes into a office and closes the door.

Austin, Celeste, and myself sat there waiting. We talked and joked around for a while but she still never came out the office. The bell rang and lunch started while we were still in the office. I was hungry so of course I was pissed that they made us stay there when no one was telling us what to do. So lunch goes on for 15 minutes and we've been in the office for 45 minutes total. The woman opens the door and comes out to see us. I expect some lecturing but she tells us to go to lunch. We have to come back as soon as lunch ends though. 

I go to lunch, eat for about 10 minutes, then I have to clean up and wait for the bell to ring. The bell rang so Austin, Celeste, and me go back to the front office. We sit down for a minute or so when the woman tells us to go to class then they'll call us back up. We all walk out and I'm fuming. They keep making us come back to the office for a jacket! It made absolutely no sense. Now I'm sitting in class (don't tell) and waiting to get called back up for no reason. 

There's my rant for today so bye for now! ~Harrycurls

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