Things that Just Don't Make any Sense

This is Gummybear53 speaking!- Uhm, well, what else could you say... title gives it away :P But I guess this is just me writing about things that either make no sense, are totally stupid, or things that just need to be wiped off the face of planet earth.

This is Harrycurls speaking!- Well Gummybear53 kind of explained it. I'm mostly writing it at the moment. I also think of this book as my vent book so I write about things happening around me currently.


2. Relationships (Harrycurls)

Now this might offend some of you but I'm certain you will understand my point here. This is just my little rant about relationships, mostly circling about certain people.


I'm currently wondering about something. What's the point of relationships before highschool? When I was in elementary school, my friends would always have a boyfriend! My best friend Mikala liked a LOT a guys. She would always talk about a new guy and then she would get a boyfriend. I never fully understood it. In the 6th grade there was a couple. Their names were Austin and Elizabeth. Now Austin was rude to just about everyone and Elizabeth was quite nice in my opinon. But then they started to date. As the school year passed by, Elizabeth started to become really mean. Austin was really mean to everyone except for Elizabeth when they were dating. Then one day I learned that they broke up. These two have been together for at least 6 months so the news was surprising.

It was like the day or two before winter break I think. I was talking to my friend Audrey when Elizabeth came in looking like her horse had died. And yes, she owns quite a few horses. Anyways, I went to see what happened when she told me that she broke up with Austin. I looked around when some of her other friends drug her away to comfort her. Austin was sitting in the corner of the room and he was seriously crying. I felt sorry for him but couldn't do anything about it.

Later on at PE, I was comforting Audrey since she also broke up with her boyfriend. We were walking the track and talking. I was the only one comforting Audrey while just about every other girl was comforting Elizabeth. It pissed me off so much when Elizabeth crossed paths with Austin she acted all sad and helpless but the moment he was gone, she was okay again. Austin walked next to me since we were kinda friends. He was upset and told me that she broke up with him the day before. I comforted him too and went on with my life.

Aaand the next day they were back together!!! Like seriously how the hell do you break up with someone, act all sad about it one day, and the next you're back together! I texted Elizabeth over the summer and apparently, (-_-), she broke up with Austin again. This time I just didn't even care. Their on again-off again relationship got on my nerves. When 7th grade, started I noticed that Austin was being a jerk to Elizabeth and somehow convinced a lot of people to be mean to her. 

What he did next made me absolutely pissed. He went out with my friend Skylar. Now Skylar isn't all innocent, but what she had left is now gone. They dated for a whole damn week before he broke up with her. The same day he broke up with her, Austin got a new girlfriend. On instagram he posted pictures of him and the new girl acting all lovey-dovey and kissing. We have a word for people like him and everyone at the school knows what it is. MANWHORE. Austin is a straight up manwhore no joke. He tried to hit on my friend @Knowles828 who is two years younger than he is. He even posted on one of the pictures 'Love my  beautiful girlfriend Chelsea, I would never leave her! <3'. Like seriously bitch? We all know that is going to end soon seeing as she's almost three years older than you. 

Austin is fourteen and Chelsea was almost 17. Pretty sure that was going to be illegal soon. Back to my rant, those two went out for about 1 and a half months before it ended. Now Austin is back with Skylar. In my opinon (and my friends on here and in real life will agree) Austin is a little too touchy-feely with someone who's two years younger than him. He rubs her thigh and her back during class. Lucky me, I have every class with them. Note the sarcasm. 

Now that you guys got your fill of gossip, let me state the main point. These types of elementary and middle school relationship are 99% never serious. That 1% must be professional for it to work. I just think it's better to have a relationship when you know things will be serious. Highschool and up is the best time for relationships. Some of you might hate me for making this but I don't give two shits. It's my honest opinion and I won't back down on it. Bye for now~ Harrycurls

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