Things that Just Don't Make any Sense

This is Gummybear53 speaking!- Uhm, well, what else could you say... title gives it away :P But I guess this is just me writing about things that either make no sense, are totally stupid, or things that just need to be wiped off the face of planet earth.

This is Harrycurls speaking!- Well Gummybear53 kind of explained it. I'm mostly writing it at the moment. I also think of this book as my vent book so I write about things happening around me currently.


6. Louis100%mine$

This is Louis100%mine$ rant that she sent in. 

Louis100%mine$: So, a little while back something strange happened. I was in an assembly and this guy came up to me. He's two years older than me so I was confused as to why he came over. Once he came over, the guy started to hit on me. After a while he asked me to be his girlfriend! I was just sitting there like WTF? I didn't even know who the guy was!


Harrycurls: Okay in my opinion he sounds like a creep. Two years older than you and he randomly starts hitting on you. I would slap anyone like that, just saying. Maybe he knew you from somewhere but you just didn't know him. I say that you should find out who he is to classify if he's just an admirer or a total freak.



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