Things that Just Don't Make any Sense

This is Gummybear53 speaking!- Uhm, well, what else could you say... title gives it away :P But I guess this is just me writing about things that either make no sense, are totally stupid, or things that just need to be wiped off the face of planet earth.

This is Harrycurls speaking!- Well Gummybear53 kind of explained it. I'm mostly writing it at the moment. I also think of this book as my vent book so I write about things happening around me currently.


7. Just listen!

Nobody listens to me. I was trying to explain something today at lunch, but nobody would even listen to me. The other day I was trying to tell a story to my friend Lanie when my other friend Olivia just starts talking to Lanie. Like seriously, during the whole lunch Olivia was looking at her food and eating but when I started talking she decides to interrupt me so she can tell a story.

I told her to just shut up because it made me mad that she did that and she got angry with me. I lightly slapped her then she got really pissed. I didn't give two shits. No offence but I was talking, so do me a favor and shut the fuck up.

I am so done with trying to talk when no one listens to me! Every single time I try to say something, someone just has to intterupt me. I feel like no one cares what I have to say and honestly, I'm just done.

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