Things that Just Don't Make any Sense

This is Gummybear53 speaking!- Uhm, well, what else could you say... title gives it away :P But I guess this is just me writing about things that either make no sense, are totally stupid, or things that just need to be wiped off the face of planet earth.

This is Harrycurls speaking!- Well Gummybear53 kind of explained it. I'm mostly writing it at the moment. I also think of this book as my vent book so I write about things happening around me currently.


3. Just.. (Harrycurls)

And another daily rant from me! 

Do you ever go into the bathroom and see someone taking selfies? I walked into the Walmart bathroom and there was this girl standing in front of the mirror. She looked like she had one to many tan sessions and was wearing clothes that my two-year-old sister could fit into. They were so small! So me being me, I glared at the girl and went to the bathroom. I came back out and she was still in front of the mirror. 

The girl was putting on makeup and brushing her hair. I stood at the sink next to her and quietly washed my hands. She looked over and gave me a disgusted look. Once again, me being me, I glared. She rolled her eyes and pulled out a cell phone. I went to dry my hands when I heard a shutter. The girl was taking selfies in front of the mirror. I didn't have a problem with it until she did the duck face. Now that is just stupid.

I turned on the hand dryer and put my hands under. I was trying to get down quickly when I looked over at the girl again. She was now bending over and showing cleavage. She snapped some more pictures like that before pulling out more makeup. She applied enough to make someone believe that she allowed a baby to draw on her face with marker.

I rolled my eyes and left the bathroom.An older woman went in right after I left. I was waiting for my brother outside for about five minutes. The woman came out muttering 'teenagers these days... trying to look like ducks with mental problems' before walking away. I swear I never laughed so hard before.


There you go! One more thing that annoys the crab cakes out of me. Until the next rant~ Harrycurls

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