Rivals & Race cars

Adam becomes Kira's manager and he and Trish become rivals Dez enters a man made race car race with Chuck Austin and Ally have a big secret to hide


2. Secrecy & Salmon

Ally walks into the practice room 

Ally: Hey Austin 

Austin: yeah 

Ally: should we tell them 

Austin: no Ally I told you after the big bam jam we're telling them 

Ally: I'm scared 

Austin: don't be scared they'll understand 

Ally: I hope 

goes to the food court 

Adam: and then she told me it was on 

Dez: that sounds like Trish 

Adam: yeah why were you so mad 

Dez: Chuck is going up against me in the man made race car race

Adam: that's cool 

Dez: no it sucks! 

a waiter throws a salmon at them 

Adam: hey! 

Dez: it's okay I ordered that 

Adam: from where 

Dez: ninja Salmon 

Adam: cool!

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