Rivals & Race cars

Adam becomes Kira's manager and he and Trish become rivals Dez enters a man made race car race with Chuck Austin and Ally have a big secret to hide


3. Backstage & Bang

Goes backstage 

Ally: you can do this Kira 

Kira: thanks Ally 

Adam: okay Kira this is your last song so get pumped! 

Kira: pumped!

Adam: get Angry!

Kira: Angry!

Adam: me likey 

Trish: Adam Austin is one song too long 

Adam: maybe Kira and Austin sing a duet 

Trish: great idea 

goes to the stage 


i'm walking on a thin line and my hands are tied I'm standing at a cross roads don't know where to go feel in' so exposed 


yeah I'm caught in between where I'm going and where I've been but I know there's no turning back yeah


It's like I'm balanced on the edge it's like I'm hanging by a thread but I'm still gonna push ahead so I tell my self yeah I tell myself don't look down down down down down don't look down down down down down down

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