A Chance At A New Beginning

When Vanessa falls for her best friend Justin she finds it difficult to contain her love for him. Afraid she will lose their friendship. she must go to certain measures to keep it a secret.


2. The Truth

He answered "Hey". I couldn't help but blush. I replied, "What's up?". We talked for hours on end and all I could do was smile. I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep until I was sure he knew the truth; I knew I had to get it out. I spoke nervously "Hey umm...." I was cut off; I heard him say " Hey, sorry but I got to go, text me when we get off the phone?" I managed to get out, "Oh, okay. sure." We both hung up and I closed my eyes for about 5 minutes. My phone ended up rolling out of my hand and falling underneath the bed;I heard it buzz and I felt the vibration. I looked up at the ceiling and rolled my eyes. I jumped up and grabbed my phone from under the bed. I pressed the power button and I seen it was a text from Justin. I smiled. He wrote," Hey, you were supposed to text me first Ness ;c" I couldn't help but giggle. My giggling turned into laughing. I texted him back. "Sorry Justin, I was busy. " I pressed send. Two minutes later my phone buzzed once again. Justin replied, "Hey, so what were you going to tell me? Sorry my mom made me get off the phone cause she said I have to do my homework, lame huh?" I thought for a couple seconds how I should reply. I started typing, "Um, it was nothing. And yeah, that's pretty lame." I Pressed send. I bit my lip. I could handle this anymore I had to tell Justin the truth. I decided I was going to call him even if that meant his mom getting mad. I dialed his number; he answered with a questioned tone, " Hello?". I honestly didn't think he would answer. I was a bit surprised. I somehow grew confidence and shoved out, "Justin , I'm tired of hiding this, me and you have been friends since the first grade and I have liked you since the 5th grade. Justin , I think I love you. I have been waiting and hesitating to tell you , because I was afraid it would mess up our friendship. You're my best friend and I hope that never changes." I felt so stupid at that minute. I wanted to cry, and hide away in a cave forever. He was silent for a while. I started to think he had hung up. After three or four minutes he responded.

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