A Chance At A New Beginning

When Vanessa falls for her best friend Justin she finds it difficult to contain her love for him. Afraid she will lose their friendship. she must go to certain measures to keep it a secret.


1. Butterflies

I never thought that I would fall this hard for him. I mean we have been best friends since the first grade. But I never thought I would feel like THIS. Justin. just saying his name gives me butterflies  But why? Do I really care for him this much? I can't; I cant screw up our friendship by having a little crush; But is it possible that this little crush will turn into something more? I need to get it out. If I don't tell someone then I swear I will lose my sanity. The first person that came to my mind is my friend Raquel. I can tell her anything and trust that she will keep it a secret. I picked up my phone in my room and started dialing her number 623-145- when all of a sudden the phone rang; I looked at my phone and it was him. My heart sank, I didn't know if I should answer or not. I pressed answer and I answered in the most normal voice possible. "Hello?"

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