Last Ones Standing

There is only three of us left Alice,Ellie, and Addie. The zombies killed our families but we will make it along the way we pick up my cousin nick, and by the way i'm addie, addie manhannah. We are all around 12&13 and as we know it we are the only ones left.


1. Stranded


I opened my eyes to the brightness of the sun stretch, yaawn same ol' same ol' when all the sudden I hear a thud in the kitchen it's gotta be jasper I thought I was terribly wrong.  I opened my door a bit and peeked out nothing no one so I opened my door to see more still no one so I walked out peered in my sisters room zombies feasting on her internal organs and brain.  I didn't want to know what had happend to happend to my parents so I tip toed to the living room where of course more zombies I made no noise moving to the kitchen and then grabbed keys off the hook to get the truck started before I left I put cans of soda and tons of food in a tote bag to where I could go get my friends Alice and Ellie I grabbed a knife from the knife basket I got the biggest one I could find and stuffed it in the bag next i traveled to the garage to get my arrows but not my bow i've got terrible aim now wheres that cat at he was in the middle of a zombie i threw my tote bag down got the knife out and chopped their heads off I grabbed the cat stuffed him in the bag and carried my knife and went to the truck started it up let the cat out of the bag and drove away.  Later I found myself in the middle of no where a.k.a Ellies house.  I pulled up to her window and opened it up she was sitting and rocking on her bed her family was dead too. I put my hand out holding jasper she grabbed it and got in the truck.

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