Spectrum Street-Tegan Holloway

Tegan Holloway, an old friend of Grace unexpectedly arrives in Spectrum Street.


1. Arriving in Spectrum Street

My worn satchel bounces against my leg as I apprehensively walk down Spectrum Street. The wind whistles in the trees that back the houses, and it plasters the stray strands of hair to my head that escaped my tight French plait. I approach house number 1. Home to Grace. I clench my slender fingers into a fist, and knock on the door in four neat, sharp raps. Pushing the bridge of my glasses further up my nose, I hope someone answers.


The door swings open inwards, and a girl in her young teens stands in the doorway. "Um...hello?"she says, and cranes her neck over her shoulder,  looking back into the house.
Grace rushes down the stairs, almost tripping over her own feet, and gently pushes the girl out of the way, who obediently carts herself  off somewhere else. Grace regards me with interest, and I can tell she is eyeing my eccentric bag and smart blouse. It takes a while before she finally asks, "Hello...and you are?"
"Tegan Holloway," I reply, pushing my glasses up my nose again, as they had slid down again, much to my annoyance. Cringing at the way she regards my Scottish accent, I notice the confused expression on her face. I wait for her to remember, but she still seems blank, and looks at me expectantly,  as if she is waiting for me to explain. "Just before you left school, we did an project together. An article for a paper?"
The realisation dawns on her, as I can tell; her face lights up as if she is the sun itself. "Tegan the nerd. Of course I remember!"
I blush as she uses the nickname that I detest, however she invites me in nonetheless, gesturing into the front room.


The girl that I previously saw is slouched on the couch, interacting with some sort of tablet computer. "This is Giovanna," Grace introduces, and Giovanna smiles warmly at me as she briefly glances up from her gadget.
"She lives here with me." 
I wonder why a girl would be living with Grace, but shrug it off as I tentatively perch on the edge of a weather beaten couch. "So," Grace continues,"what's up?" 

"I've just started university in the area, but I live really far away, so I was wondering if..."
"You want to live here?"
"No, no," I say, my Scottish accent showing considerably, "Just maybe to stay for a couple of nights, to get a wee taste of the area."
Grace nods slowly, before turning to Giovanna, engrossed in a web page. "She could share your room?"
Giovanna looks up at me and nods hesitantly.


I feel slightly awkward, perched on the edge of a sofa in a girls house, whom I hardly know. We met whilst Grace was writing an article for a paper, when she came across some terribly difficult statistics and mathematics.  And who else to turn to than me, Tegan Holloway, mathematical genius (although I don't like to admit it) and full on nerd. Being two years younger than her, I wouldn't have been her first choice, however on hearing about my skills from a friend, she instantly came to my aid. 


I take in Grace's warming words, and Giovanna's kind smile; being social doesn't always come naturally to me, so this is a welcome surprise. Things are going well.

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