Take Me Home *Sequel to Up All Night*

Liam Payne feels like the luckiest guy on earth. He's been dating a sweet, spunky, intelligent girl for about six months. Harry Styles just broke up with Taylor Swift, and he has his eye on Liam's girlfriend, Cara. Which guy will get to take her home?


1. Live While We're Young~Harry

If you had ever told me I’d be playing in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, I would’ve had a good laugh at your expense.  But then, I would have to eat crow.  Because my band, One Direction, and I are in New York City, getting ready to play at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.  I smirk slightly.  Last year, Taylor Swift—my former girlfriend—was playing here and we had our first public kiss in Times Square.

I’m backstage with my band-mates and their girlfriends.  I can’t help but wrinkle my nose when I see Cara Palmer, Liam’s girlfriend, cuddled up to him.  He has his arm around her shoulders, and her hand is on his knee.  She keeps giggling so Liam is obviously trying to make her laugh.  It’s disgusting, except I would be doing the same thing if Cara was my girlfriend.

And I want her to be my girlfriend.

“Why are you staring at Liam and Cara?” Niall asks, coming up beside me.  He’s the only other single guy in the band.

I shake my head out of my dream.  “Oh, no reason.”

“Missing Taylor?” Niall says with a sympathetic smile.

None of my band-mates know the real reason I broke up with Taylor.  They think it was mutual, that we couldn’t handle the media pressure anymore or we fell out of love.  But she was starting to get boring, and I wanted Cara.

Tonight might just change everything.  When the guys and I head onstage, I glance over at Eleanor, Perrie, and Cara.  Cara’s eyes are on Liam, but then her gaze drifts over to me.  I grin.  She wants me, too.

We start “Live While We’re Young,” and I decide I’m going to follow my song’s advice.

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