Take Me Home *Sequel to Up All Night*

Liam Payne feels like the luckiest guy on earth. He's been dating a sweet, spunky, intelligent girl for about six months. Harry Styles just broke up with Taylor Swift, and he has his eye on Liam's girlfriend, Cara. Which guy will get to take her home?


2. C'mon, C'mon~Harry

When our set is done, I grab a drink of water.  I have the good fortune to turn and see Cara just as she’s kissing Liam.   I make a face to myself.  I want her lips to touch mine instead of his.

“I’m going off to shower, love,” I hear Liam say to Cara. “Want to grab a bite to eat after?”

“Sure,” Cara replies.

Niall and Zayn disappear to the showers, too.  Now it’s just a matter of getting rid of Louis, Eleanor, and Perrie.  But then Zayn’s girlfriend leaves, saying he’s going to meet her at some club.  Louis and Eleanor are kissing quite a bit, which gives me an idea.

“Get a room!” I joke.

Eleanor makes a face at me, and Louis smirks.  But he pulls his girlfriend away.  So now it’s just Cara and me.  She starts to edge towards the door, but I get there before her.  I lean against the closed door and smirk.

“Harry, please let me leave,” she pleads.

“Sure,” I say with a shrug. “We can leave anytime you like.”

“Not together,” Cara responds.

“Then you’re stuck in here with me.”

“Harry!” she exclaims.

“C’mon,” I say, reaching for her hand. “C’mon.”

Cara takes my hand tentatively.  “I’d better not regret this,” she warns.

I grin.  “Oh, you won’t.”

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