My Love (RockyLynch and One Direction)

Rocky Lynch is a famous teenage heartthrob who has a perfect life. Kylie is the least bit normal. She is best friends with One Direction. Kylie is pregnant with Rocky Lynch’s kid. What will her brother Jack say? What will her best friends One Direction say? Considering she lives with them and is like their sister. What will Rocky Lynch do,say and will he stay or will someone have to pick up and be their for Kylie?


2. The Club

Kylie’s POV

“Can we go to the club to night” I asked to the boys who were just sitting there. “Why? You meeting someone?” Liam ( Daddy Direction) asked. “ No... well... mabey. Why? someone jelly.” “Me jelly no I have girlfriend who loves me too much.” Liam said “ Well I’m up for a night out” Louis said “ Me too” Harry said. So we were off to the club to let loose.

“ Hey I’m Rocky Lynch do u want to?” Ross asked me as I grinded up to Zayn “ Uh... I’m dancing with my-” zayn interjected “ Go ahead he seems nice, but don’t do anything Characters:

i wouldn’t do.” Zayn said “ Well hi there i’m Kylie and that was my friend Zayn Malik.” “Oh sorry are u and him a-” Rocky said “ Nooooo I’m single” my words started to slur. “ Oh.. Ok so do you want to dance?” “ Sure.” I said. I really like this guy Rocky.


*3 hours later*

“ROCKY” I moaned we were back at his house where he lived with his family.

“What are you doing to her Rocky” his brother Riker asked

“ Get out Riker” Rocky Yelled

And we went on our way the whole night.


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