My Love (RockyLynch and One Direction)

Rocky Lynch is a famous teenage heartthrob who has a perfect life. Kylie is the least bit normal. She is best friends with One Direction. Kylie is pregnant with Rocky Lynch’s kid. What will her brother Jack say? What will her best friends One Direction say? Considering she lives with them and is like their sister. What will Rocky Lynch do,say and will he stay or will someone have to pick up and be their for Kylie?


3. Suprise... I guess

Kylie’s POV ( 8 weeks later)

It has been 4 days since me and Rocky made it official. The boys have been super supportive and have help me since I’ve been feeling sick the past few days.

“Harry!” I yelled for him “Yes what's wrong its three in the morning.” He asked tired. “Can you take me to the store?” I asked “What do you need at the store at three in the morning?” “If I tell you something you have to promise not to tell anyone till i know for sure” “What is it Ky?” he asked getting his keys and heading to the car with my hand in his. “I’m pregnant.” “Do you know for sure?” “ Thats why you are taking me to the store and so i can get food for Ni.” I said to him. “ How did this happen?” “ Me and Rocky that night after the club we went back to his place.” “Oh Ok” the rest of the car ride was silent.  

We finally got to the store after a 12 minute drive. When we got to the store we went to get the tests and i bought like five boxes. When we got to the register the girl look at me in away that said How old are you like 16 plz this world is crazy.

We got home the rest of the boys were up cuz we went to the store then drove around then got breakfast. “ Hey guys where have you been?” Liam asked as I ran to the bathroom to puke and take the tests and to call my brother. The test read POSITIVE. “HARRY! Can you come here.” Me and HArry were the closest cuz I’ve known him longer. “ Yes what does it say?” “POSITIVE” “ DO you want me to call Ross?” “YEs”


* 45 minutes later*

“ Ky whats wrong” Rocky asked me as I cried into his shirt. “Rocky... I’” “Ky what are you. “ I’m pregnant.” “ What is it mine.” “Well yeah I dont sleep around.” “Well what are you going to do” “I’m going to keep it and I’m not expecting you to stay but if you do i’ll be happy with you.” “Well we are together and it’s mine so I’m going to stay with you and when my band is on tour you’ll have the boys and when they’re on tour i’ll be home.” “ You’ll stay.” “As long as you love me and let me.” “ Yay how am I going to tell the boys only Harry knows.”

“Boys come get your food me and Rocky need to tell you something.” “ Plz don’t tell me you're engaged or leaving us.” Liam said with all the other boys nodding. “Well it’s not the engaged or leaving just yet” I said looking at Harry. They all started to talk amongst themselves so I came out and said it. “ I’m pregnant with Rocky’s child.” “WHAT YOU ARE WOW KY WHAT THE HELL.” Liam yelled. “yeah what he said” everyone except Harry said and left. I broke down and Rocky held me and Harry ran off to find the boys.

WOW Harry

What Boys

You guys are assholes Harry  

She the one who got pregnant Boys

But you guys ran off. exactly what her brother did and you guys should be ashamed. Harry

Well what do expect us to do she is having a kid and she’s 17 Boys

It was a mistake and she is down there in Rocky’s arms crying and she needs us when he’s not here and then she’ll need us to be strong and help with the baby.Harry

Ok Boys

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