My Love (RockyLynch and One Direction)

Rocky Lynch is a famous teenage heartthrob who has a perfect life. Kylie is the least bit normal. She is best friends with One Direction. Kylie is pregnant with Rocky Lynch’s kid. What will her brother Jack say? What will her best friends One Direction say? Considering she lives with them and is like their sister. What will Rocky Lynch do,say and will he stay or will someone have to pick up and be their for Kylie?


4. Boy or Girl

Rocky’S POV

It’s been five months and me and Ky are going strong but I’m scared cuz today we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl.

When we got to the clinic all of the boys were there cuz they weren’t as mad at Kylie as before. We went back right away.

“Congrats you guys are having a boy.” “congrats.” the girl said I think her name was Nicole but I didnt’ car. “ Have y’all picked out any names.” “Yeah” Ky said looking at me and Harry. “ Do you mind if ask you what they are.” “ Ellington Mark Edward ”  “ Do they mean something to you?” “Yeah Edward is Harry’s middle name and Mark is Rocky’s dad name.”



Sorry its so short I really suck at writing and yeah tell me what you think so far. My next movella will be up to day.

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