Jamie McLaren lost her entire family in the shooting last year- even her twin brother. Nobody knows why the McLaren's were targeted, or why Jamie is the only one who survived, but they all think she's next. Niall Horan is worried about Jamie. ever since her brother-his best mate-passed away, she's been avoiding him and getting herself into all sorts of trouble. Niall blames the crowd she's been hanging around, but Jamie insists she isn't good enough for anything.


3. ch.3

Jamie hated hospitals. they smelled funny and they all had that same depressing and slightly eerie atmosphere. she'd been in and out of them her entire life for heart problems, but the always made her want to run screaming for the exit. she glanced over at Niall and was grateful to have a friend with her, otherwise she just might have ran away.

"I hate this place." she whispered for what was probably the tenth time since they'd arrived.

"I know." Niall replied again patiently and looked at his phone. they'd been waiting for nearly three hours now. "you should get some sleep, Jamie."

"I cant."

"you haven't tried."

"I don't want to."

"please, Jamie?"

"why do you care?" she snarled. he blinked, taken slightly aback by her sudden outburst.

"because you're Damo's sister-- my friend, and I'm worried about you." his voice was calm, but he was obviously hurt.

"you should worry more about Damian." Jamie said flatly and moved away from Niall to the other end of the bench.

"McLaren? Jamie McLaren?" somebody approached them. Jamie was on her feet in half a second.

"how is he? can I see my brother now?" she demanded.

"I'm sorry-- he lost too much blood and-- he didn't make it."


the next couple of days were the worst Jamie could remember. her house had officially become a crime scene, so she was staying at the Horan's. Niall was so busy running around getting thing ready for his world tour that Jamie hardly ever saw him until the funeral.

the funeral plans were thrown together at the last minute and that dreaded day finally came. Jamie stood in for of the full-length mirror in the Horan's guest bedroom and stared at the reflection.

black lace, flared sleeves, satin ribbons... she felt silly.

the funeral itself was unbearable. it was well attended by numerous friends and family who all made a big show of crying and offering condolences that Jamie didn't want. Niall stayed by her side the whole time like the loyal friend that he was.

the rest of the boys all came as well. Jamie knew them well enough. she and Damian had become quiet good friends with the lot of them last summer when Niall introduced them all to each other. Jamie was glad to see them. out of all the people there, they were the only ones who knew to just shut up and not jabber on about how sorry they were.

after the coffins were transported to the cemetery, Jamie wanted to stay behind for the actual burial, but Niall wouldn't let her. much to hi surprise, she allowed herself to be escorted back to the car with minimal protesting. he led her around to the passenger side and opened the door for her. she didn't get it, but instead looked up at him with those eyes that always seemed to be filled with hurt and fear these days.

"what" he said flatly and looked back at her. Jamie blinked and looked up at the cloudy sky. she looked over Niall's shoulder at the graveyard behind him. she shook her head, and for the first time since the night of the shooting, she cried. she looked down at her shoes just as the first tear fell and splashed onto the gravel road. before anymore could fall, Niall had drawn her close and wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm sorry." she chocked. Niall shook his head. what on earth was she saying sorry for? he held her tighter.

"shhh." he soothed and buried his face in her neck to hide tears of his own, "it's ok, just cry.

"they're all gone." Jamie cried. the reality of it all had finally hit her. "Niall Damian's gone!" she sobbed. Niall stroked her hair. he had no idea what to say to Jamie, but he had a feeling she didn't mind. Jamie just wanted someone who would shut up and cry with her, so that's what he did.

thunder rolled in the distance and a harsh wind blew through the cemetery, whistling through the pine trees. Jamie could feel the flared sleeves on her dress billowing out in the breeze. lightning cracked sharply across the sky and they both jumped apart to look up.

"we should get out of here." Niall said and rubbed Jamie's arm. she looked over Niall's shoulder again at the four caskets that had yet to be buried, the she looked back up at Niall with sad eyes. Niall sighed

"don't look at me like that. please." his voice cracked. "we can do this, alright?" she nodded. "alright then. C'mon now." he gently pushed her toward the car. she slid in and allowed him to shut the door after her.


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