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ellie and harry were best friends till year 7. ellie moved away and they kept in touch but when ellie moved back in year 10 harry had changed. he bullied her until the end of year 11. 2 years later ellie met harry again when she won a competition at her performin arts college. to star in a movie that harry was also in. ellie hates the idea of being so close to harry again but harry feels its his way to make up for hurting her. but can ellie forgive him or are they just going to have to be too good actors and not let any feelings show


3. chapter 3

*4 years later*

ellies p.o. v


i looked up at the new sign board of my tutor room. i was now at a specialist performing arts college in london. i moved on from harry styles ages ago.he was now in this mega famous boyband one direction. the other members were pretty fit but i hated them all just because of harry. the sign read 'drawing competition. draw anything you like and winner gets to star in a brand new movie coming out with a famous movie star' this could be my big break. i quickly ran back to my room and got my drawing stuuf out. i had 3 hours until my first lesson. i needed to think of somethiing to draw. i looked around my room and then i spoted it. a picture of me, my mum and dad. the picture meant alot to me because my dad died 2 years ago of leukemia and this was the last ever picture that was taken of him. i sat at the desk for ages. carefully shading each part perfectly. i finished in 2 and a half hours giving me time to hand it in to the office. i walked there and handed it in. the receptionist looked very impressed. i walked off to form and re-read the notice. it said at the bottom that last entry was 1,0,clck. it was 10 to 1 i had just made it. the winner would be announced in assembly today and th famoous celebrity would be there. the whole day seemed to creep by. i couldnt concentrate in drama music or art. each second of each minute seemed to take an eternity. after what seemed like foreve it as time for assembly. the principal read out a few notices but nobody seemed to listen. then he got to the part everybody was waiting for. the drawing compettion.

"and the winner of the drawing competition is... elanor sandor." i gasped. i had won. me! i ran oto the stage and shook hands with the principal.

"and now the person she will be starring in a brand new blockbuster movie with... from one direction its harry styles." i was shocked. i use all my acting skills to even force a little smile onto my face. harry walked out onto the stage and looked at me and smiled.

"hey smelly ellie." he said "i've missed you" i was listening for the sound of sarcasm in his voice ut there was none.

"styles!" i said.

"you know most girls ould be fangirling rightnow" he said. i stared at him still with the fake smile plastered all over my face

"your lucky im not slapping you styles!" i said and he laughed

"you know you could alays turn it down" he said

"im not letting you ruin my big shot styles." i said. i got told by the principal that the director would be here in 1 hour to pick me up so take all my stuff because i was probably going to be gone for a year. i walked out of the hall and upto my room. and what do you know harry followed me. he closed the door behind him. i went up to him and slapped him

"how could you " i said "you tell me you love me and that you would wait 3 years for me and then when i do get back you blly me. and now you think its ok when i finally move on fro you to turn up here and act like the last 7 years of our lives never happened." there were tears rolling down my cheeks now "i  loved you harry and then you treated me like that." i packed up all my stuff and walked out of the room "im never going to forgive you styles"


harrys p.o.v


"im never going to forgive you styles." she said. i had really blown it. i was a jerk to ellie after she came back from america. but i h changed. i tried to be nice to her and she rejected me. and now she was saying that she will never forgive me had i really screwed up that bad? i dont care how i do it but one way or another i am going to get her back.

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