cause everything you do is magic

ellie and harry were best friends till year 7. ellie moved away and they kept in touch but when ellie moved back in year 10 harry had changed. he bullied her until the end of year 11. 2 years later ellie met harry again when she won a competition at her performin arts college. to star in a movie that harry was also in. ellie hates the idea of being so close to harry again but harry feels its his way to make up for hurting her. but can ellie forgive him or are they just going to have to be too good actors and not let any feelings show


2. chapter 2

*2 years later*

ellies p.o.v


we pulled into our driveway of our old house. i ran up to the door and unlocked it. i ran straight to my room and flopped down on my bed. i still had pictures of me and harry all over the wall. i looked out of my window and saw the swingset in the garden that me and harry used to play on all the time. i was home. and back to school tomorrow. i know it sounds weird but i  couldnt wait. i get to see harry again. i lost his number a year go and we havent spoken since but i still miss him like hell. it was bad leaving my friend dahlia and izzy in america but its worth it to see harry again.


*at school*

i walked up to the gates and saw him. he hadnt really changed much. apart from his hair was curlier now. it suited him though. i walked up to him and jumped on his back. i got down and he turned round looking starteled.

"do i know you?" he asked

"very funny harry. of course you do" i said. he looked confused. that brought my mood down a hell of a load.

"its me ellie." i said. and then he smiled

"oh yh i remember you. you're that girl that left in year 7 to go america. you can tell you've been there. bit of a belly on ya now." i was shocked. it really wasnt like harry to say that. his mates had all cracked up with laughter.

"why are you being such a dick harry?" i said and he smiled

"chill out ellie. im not being serious. you have more than a bit of  a belly on ya" his mates cracked up again. seriously what the hell was wrong with him.

"you know what harry i was excited about coming back to england to see you but clearly you've just grown into a massive waist of space"  shouted. he looked shocked but he smiled

"and clearly ellie you have just grown" his mate were in tears again.  i stormed inside and made my way to the headteachers office where i was given my timetable and locker key. i went straight to my locker after lunch and saw there was loads of notes all saying fatty posted through it. i might have put on a bit of weight in america but that gives him no reason to do stuuf like this. it was clear that whatever feelings harry had for me the day i left were gone.

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