cause everything you do is magic

ellie and harry were best friends till year 7. ellie moved away and they kept in touch but when ellie moved back in year 10 harry had changed. he bullied her until the end of year 11. 2 years later ellie met harry again when she won a competition at her performin arts college. to star in a movie that harry was also in. ellie hates the idea of being so close to harry again but harry feels its his way to make up for hurting her. but can ellie forgive him or are they just going to have to be too good actors and not let any feelings show


1. chapter 1

ellies p.o.v


i held his hand and smiled.

"im gonna miss you smelly ellie" he said an i laughed.

"im gonna miss you to harrybum but dont worry im only going to be in america 3 years whilst my mum and dad travel the world." my dad had luekemia and only 5 years to live. my mum and dad decided to travel the world for 3 years then return to england to live the last few years of his life at home. they wanted me to go with them but i needed an education so i was going to stay in america with my aunt. i was leaving my best friend harry styles though.

"ellie. we are going" my mum yelled.

"goodbye harry." i said

"wait ellie" he called as i got in the car "i love you" then we drove away. i had tears in my eyes. i was already leaving my best ffreind and now he said he had feelings for me. i had feelings for him to which made this twice as hard. we drove and soon we were out of holmes chapel. i got my phone out and text harry.

to harrybum:) - did you really mean that? xx

from harrybum:) - yeah xx and im gonna wait for you ellie cuz i mean it. im counting down the years till i see you again xx

to harrybum:) - i guess now would be a good time to say i love you to xx

from harrybum:) - good xx message me when you get settled in america. i dont care what time it is xx

to harrybum:) - will do xx

i sat quietly in the back o the car for the rest of the journey. silently saying goodbye to each part o england. soon we arrived at the airport and within 2 hours we were on our way to america. hours later we arrived in america. it was 2 in the morning here so i dont know what time it was there. i got my phone out and mssaged harry

to harrybum:) - just arrived xx what you up to xx

from harrybum:) - maths xx doesnt feel the same without you though xx

to harrybum:)- im not starting school till tomorrow :p but i will have to make new friends :( i was happy with my old ones xx only 3 years left xx

from harrybum:) - cant wait xx


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