Two best friends have a youtube channel that's not very popular - only about 500 subscribers. When they each turn sixteen their parents give them some money which they use for a two month long holiday in LA, home of YouTube HQ... they meet some popular youtubers there, but when one of them falls in love with a certain youtuber, can she choose between her bestfriend and what she feels to be her true love?


7. The Final Chapter

For the rest of the week, I didn't see Joey around YouTube HQ.


Lexi and I made loads of collab videos, though. I even helped Meghan do a little apology video for Joey. Today was the day we were going to star in an actual Smosh video.


Lexi and I woke up kind of early to get ready. Ian and Anthony had given us each Smosh shirts to wear in the video (they shamelessly self promoted themselves) and with them we each wore a pair of skinny jeans. We did our hair and makeup nicely but not too nicely; I was playing Ian's "new girlfriend" and Lexi was playing my obsessive best friend that was going after Anthony. Anyway's, at the end, Ian and Anthony accidentally kiss, me and Lexi bitch slap them, and they both end up rejected.


We walked into the dining area to grab some pancakes for breakfast. You gotta know, American pancakes are awesome. Like seriously. If you haven't eaten them, you haven't lived.


"Hey look, Hayley, there's Joey," Lexi said, as Sam sat down next to her. Her and Sam were kind of an item now, and just this and her being in his vlogs earned us another million subs (I mean, dafuq?!)


"Yeah, he's been on a low lately. Maybe you should go and talk to him." Sam said, and smiled.

I frowned. "Yeah, I think I will."


I stood up with my pancakes and mocha, and walked over to Joey's table. He looked up, startled, and when he saw me some of the hardness in his eyes softened.


"Hey, Joey," I said, standing awkwardly.

"Hey." He managed a little smile.

"Um can I sit?"



He just continued playing with his omelette, stirring it around on its plate.

"Are you alright, Joey?"

"Not really," he said, glancing up at me, "What Meghan said hurt, but I don't think I care any more."

"So then, why not really?"

"Because... I think I like you." he said, "Hayley, I can't get you out of my head. You're all I think about, and it sucks, because you've probably got a nice boyfriend in England and don't like me and think I'm gay and-"


I silenced him with a kiss that sent sparks flying through my body.


"Does that answer everything?" I asked, looking down at the table, blushing scarlet.

"Yes." He said, smiling. He walked over to my side of the table and extended his hand.

"Thanks," I said, as he helped me up. We just stayed like that for a moment, fingers interlocked, staring into each others eyes.

"Oi, Loverboy!" Sam yelled to Joey, "We got a video to shoot, get your arse over here."

Joey smiled and let go of my hand. "I'll see you later." he said.


I was smiling all day after that. The Smosh video didn't take too long either.


"What's got you so happy?" said Ian, as we walked back into the YouTube dining room.

"Nothin'... just Joey..." I mumbled.

"Ah." said Ian, and walked over to Anthony.


* * *


"Hey guys!" I said into the camera. "Its Lexi and Hayley here! and you must be wondering who these lads are - well if you didn't know, this is Joey, and this is Sam - and we're going to do the boyfriend tag!"

Draping his arm over my shoulder, Joey said, "I'm quite scared."


Joey and I'd been dating for almost two months now, and so had Sam and Lexi. I'd texted Shaun telling him that... well, that I couldn't be with him at all. As much as it'd broken my heart, I'd had to do it. Shaun was cool with it - in fact, he'd been seeing someone anyway... so whatever.


Lexi and I were going back to England in a few days, and this was going to be a final tribute to our relationship with Sam and Joey. It was nearly the end of our little trip, and tomorrow we were going to be told by YouTube whether we could become partners; the next day, we would be flying home.


We whizzed through the questions and actually Joey and I won at getting the most right. I let Joey wrap up the video because the last part was going to be on his channel.


"I'm going to miss you so much when we go, Sam." Lexi burst out crying, and hugged Sam. He wrapped his arms securely around her. "Hey, don't worry, I'm moving back to England in like a month anyway. You and Hayley can move to London and share the flat opposite me."

Lexi giggled, "are you really coming back?" she asked, hopefully.

"Yes." said Sam, his eyes shining. They left the room to go on a walk or something.


I looked at Joey exasperatedly, opening and closing my mouth like a fish, trying to find the right words to say. He smiled a little sadly and wiped tears off my cheeks that I didn't even know were there.


"Joey, I'm going to miss you so much." I sobbed into his chest.

"Shh," he said, "its okay."


I sat down on one of the little chairs. "You know, Joey," I said, "You can always come to England for a while and stay with me and my Mum. She'd love to have you, I - well, you're the only person who's made me happy after the accident. She'd love to meet you."

"What accident?" he said, confused.

"Oh, I - well -" I said, anxiously stroking the scar along my jaw line. Finally, I just told him.


I told him how one day, my mum, dad, sister and I were driving home from a holiday in Dorset. I told him how it was pouring with rain, how my dad couldn't see well. How it was night, and how it was so dark I couldn't see anything outside the window.


I told him how my dad had caught my eye in the rear view mirror; how he'd winked; and that that was the moment my dad collided with a lorry, which ended up pushing us off of a bridge we were driving along and into a large, deep river.


My mother, father and I could all swim - but my dad had passed out, and was blocked in the car by an airbag; I told Joey how I tried so hard to free my sister from that wretched car seat, how she'd screamed for me to save her - and how she'd drowned before my eyes... I told him how my mother and I were the only survivors of the accident.


I sobbed when it came to the part about my sister. I'd loved Aubrey more than life. She was what I'd lived for; and when she had died, a small part of me died too. Joey put an arm around me and held me close, and I could see tears in his eyes too.


"... and that's what lead up to my anorexia," I continued, "I thought that if I starved myself, it was like ... I don't know. I thought it would make me closer to death, closer to them." I finished.

"Yes." said Joey.

"W-What?" I stuttered.

"I'll come back to England with you."

* * *



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