Two best friends have a youtube channel that's not very popular - only about 500 subscribers. When they each turn sixteen their parents give them some money which they use for a two month long holiday in LA, home of YouTube HQ... they meet some popular youtubers there, but when one of them falls in love with a certain youtuber, can she choose between her bestfriend and what she feels to be her true love?


6. Ruined (short chapter)

I was right; the movie's we watched did really freak me out.


After Joey finished vlogging, the movie stuff was set up, and Marzia arrived with Felix, we all took a seat around the tv. I sat down on the loveseat carefully, kind of shy, and Joey sat on the floor in front of me. Meghan and Kalel sat either side of me, Pewds sat on a blue bean bag and Marzia on the pink one next to him, which left Anthony alone on a wooden chair and Ian & Melanie curled up together on the sofa.


"So, um, what are we going to watch?" I said quietly.

"Well my favourite film of course! it is my birthday." said Marzia, smiling.

"and what's that?" I asked, shyly. I'd never spoken to Marzia before.

"Mama, of course!" she said as though its the most obvious thing in the world. Kalel laughed.


I gulped and focused on my breathing. I kinda hated horror movies. Meghan noticed I was acting weird and put an arm lightly around my shoulder, rubbed my back, and took it off.

"Hey it'll be okay, its a laugh really." she said.

I smiled timidly. "Thanks."


The movie started and it was kinda scary. Five minutes in I decided I'd go on a little trip to the bathroom. They all watched me with worry in their eyes.


I bent over the toilet and felt sick to my stomach, but I didn't throw up. I washed my face instead.


"Hey, Hayley?" Joey knocked on the door.

"Yeah - just a sec-" I said and opened the door to see him in the hall.

"Are you ok?" he said, pulling me into an embrace, then letting go and looking me over.

"Yeah - I - I guess..." I stuttered.

"Well that's good."


I was suddenly aware of how close Joey's face was to mine. It suddenly felt as though there was nobody in the world but me and him, standing in that secluded little hallway. As he slowly got closer he closed his eyes, and I could count every individual eyelash. I closed my eyes too, and Joey's lips melted against mine, soft and sweet, not too rough or too soft and then...


"Wha - Joey?" Meghan whispered. "Hayley? I - what is going on?"

Meghan stood in the doorway of the living room, a puzzled expression on her face.


"Joey, I thought... I thought you were gay..." Meghan said.


Joey looked distraught.

"Why would you even think that Meghan? God, I hate how everyone automatically assumes I'm gay just because I'm not the manliest guy. I can deal with it from them - but from you, Meghan?"

Suddenly we were joined in the hall by everyone else. "No, Joey, I-"

"You know what, I have to go." Joey said, interrupting Meghan.

"No, I didn't mean -"

"Bye guys, thanks for the night. Happy birthday, Marzia."


And with that, Joey slammed the door and walked away, leaving everyone aghast.


Meghan stormed out of Anthony and Kalel's room crying and muttering something about her own stupidity or something, and I felt a tear run down my cheek as I realised that a) my perfect moment with Joey had just been ruined and b) I had just betrayed Shaun and probably wouldn't be able to ever date him.


* * *



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