Two best friends have a youtube channel that's not very popular - only about 500 subscribers. When they each turn sixteen their parents give them some money which they use for a two month long holiday in LA, home of YouTube HQ... they meet some popular youtubers there, but when one of them falls in love with a certain youtuber, can she choose between her bestfriend and what she feels to be her true love?


2. Raging Storm

"Hey! Watch where you're - Oh, Hayley its you." yes, my name is Hayley and I like Paramore. I know its really ironic, also because I resemble Hayley Williams a great deal, but get over it.

"Don't worry, it's my fault. I don't know why I even looked at them. They don't deserve my attention."


This earned me a soft punch from Lexi as she fell into step beside me. She was an ex-Crayola, and even now when I ever insulted Crayola's, she'd get offended. I'd converted her.


Our friendship had begun the day Lexi had been made to sit next to me in Science, when we were in Year 8. She was late, and everyone had a partner but me because nobody really wanted to be partners with the weird Emo girl who never talks to anyone (even though I'm not Emo.) If I remember correctly she groaned and rolled her eyes, then swayed over to me whilst applying a coat of shiny red lip gloss.


We ended up talking a lot in that lesson, and soon we became very good friends. The Crayola Group didn't approve of her speaking to "riff-raff", so she left them; and that is how our beautiful friendship began, along with our YouTube channel.


"Sorry, Lexi," I smiled and offered her an earphone. "Oh, and before you take this, just thought you should know that you're hair is stuck in your lip gloss."


She sighed and brushed the rebellious strands of bleach blonde hair that wouldn't stay in her ponytail behind her ears, and then took an earphone. For the rest of the journey to school, we rocked out to Tonight Alive songs.


                                                         * * *


"Hayley Preston, do you have the answer?"


I was snapped out of my fantasy in which I was marrying Josh Hutcherson by Mrs Hyundi asking me if I had the answer to a question I hadn't heard. "I'm sorry, what?"


"Tôi là một đứa trẻ không biết những người cần chú ý nhiều hơn trong lớp học. What does it mean Miss Preston?"


I mentally groaned; Vietnamese wasn't my strong point. I glanced at Lois Hutton; and he mouthed the answer.


I sighed, embarrassed. "I am an ignorant child who needs to pay more attention in class."

She smiled, or at least she grimaced, "Good. Next time, Hutton, no giving her the answer."


I glanced behind me at the clock, but something else caught my eye. Shaun was sitting at the back of the class, staring right at me. He smiled and mouthed "talk to me after class?"


I nodded, and the end of class couldn't come fast enough.


"So what would you like to talk to me about?" I said, as we walked out of school.

"Well, I've been thinking," he smiled a little worriedly and the raging storm in his eyes calmed slightly. "I really like you, and I just wanted to know if you wanted to come on a date with me."

* * *





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