Two best friends have a youtube channel that's not very popular - only about 500 subscribers. When they each turn sixteen their parents give them some money which they use for a two month long holiday in LA, home of YouTube HQ... they meet some popular youtubers there, but when one of them falls in love with a certain youtuber, can she choose between her bestfriend and what she feels to be her true love?


3. Getting the Message Across

"Yes! I mean, um, yes." I said, trying to stop my cheeks from blushing red as I grinned ear to ear. I was not very successful.

"That's great." He said smiling, looking as happy as I did. However he was lucky enough not to be blushing like a buffoon.


He kissed my cheek and walked away to his house, and Lexi, who had been quietly walking behind us, screamed and ran up to hug me.


"I know! He's asked me out!" I said, hugging her back; but she shook her head. She held out her phone; I read through her text quickly;


Hey darling,

I know it's a month until you're birthday but we felt this could be an early birthday present. We know how much you would like to go to Los Angeles to pursue your YouTube thing, so we've decided to pay for you to take a two month vacation there, and we've contacted YouTube and they've decided to invite you to a few conferences and if all goes well then they said you can become YouTube partners. You leave tomorrow. Accommodation is all booked and we've got some money for while you're out there - we're paying for Hayley to come too!




"Oh. My. God!" I yelled. People in the street stared at us suspiciously, probably because they thought we were weirdo's.

"We need to go shopping!" Lexi grinned.


* * *


My mum had said we could go shopping and that she didn't mind me going to LA; so we left for the Big Shopping Centre. Really, that was what it was called. Mum  seemed happy that I was finally, well, happy again, it was most likely the first time I had been after the accident. I think she actually cried.


When we hit the shops the first shop I went into was MAC to buy some makeup essentials. Lexi sighed and rolled her eyes, choosing to go into Victoria's Secret. I preferred to buy my underwear at Gilly Hicks, so I headed off toward that direction.


As soon as I stepped into the shop I was hit with the powerful scent of their body sprays. I breathed in the smell deeply, loving it. I walked over to the first rail of Down Undies, and picked out about twelve different pairs, and then I went and found some bra's to match. I then made my way over to the clothing and pyjama's, picking out a bunch of stuff, and lastly the body sprays.


I think my Gilly Hicks bill was around £300 in the end, but that was nothing compared to my bill in Forever 21, where I had gotten a lot more for the amount of money I paid.


I decided to vlog our shopping trip, and my packing.


"Hey guys! Its Hayley and Lexi!" I said.

"Eyyo!" Lexi said.

"As you can see we're currently in a shopping centre, and the reason that we are is actually kind of exciting," I smiled, "we're going to YouTube HQ in LA! The thing is guys, if they like our videos then we become YouTube partners! So basically we've just had a mega shop and bought an entire new wardrobe for LA."

"Yup." Lexi said, and we got into her car as I turned the camera off.


I smiled all the way back to my house. Lexi dropped me home and I immediately began prepping for LA.


Firstly, I dyed my hair. I didn't actually change the whole colour, but I added some like blue and pink streaks into the vivid orange. I then showered and moisturised, and began packing. I packed all of my clothes I'd bought today, along with some of my other clothes too.


I then packed all of my makeup, hairbands, perfume, undies etc, and prepared an outifit for the next day which, if you're interested, was:


A simple Victoria's Secret sports bra

A neon orange Gilly Hicks "mean girls quote" t-shirt (You Go Glen Coco!)

Some dark denim skinny jeans

Matching black knickers

Hollister flip flops

A green khaki jacket


I smiled and texted Shaun the good news; but then I was disheartened. I was going to miss our date I'd been planning for years. I guess we'd just have to reschedule.



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