Two best friends have a youtube channel that's not very popular - only about 500 subscribers. When they each turn sixteen their parents give them some money which they use for a two month long holiday in LA, home of YouTube HQ... they meet some popular youtubers there, but when one of them falls in love with a certain youtuber, can she choose between her bestfriend and what she feels to be her true love?


5. Electric Current

The car journey back to the YouTube Guest House was both funny and... strange.

Firstly, Shane was listening to a song called "bitch don't kill me", which is always a great conversation starter, isn't it? Also, I had something to ask him but I didn't know quite how to ask him without sounding desperate. Finally, I decided to just come out with it.


"Hey, wasn't Joey supposed to be coming with you to get us as well?" I asked.

"I love you're accent, governor," Shane/Shanaynay laughed, "and yeah, but something came up about a collab video with Meghan and Ingrid and he couldn't miss it."

"Oh." I said, crestfallen. Just more evidence Joey was in love with Meghan.


Shane glanced at me. "Oh my god, girl, you have the hot's for Joey," Shane winked, using his Shanaynay voice. "Honey, Joey Graceffa is mine. We're Shoey. Joking." he said smiling. Suddenly my feet became very interesting.


"Don't worry, I won't tell him." Shane said, and Lexi giggled. Shane winked at her in the rear-view mirror (I was in the passenger seat, and Lexi was in the boot.)


The rest of the journey was very interesting. Shane was really nice to us and told us why he was dressed as Shanaynay (which, if you wanted to know, was because his video had been running late and he had no time to change before he'd had to come pick us up.) He also told us about some of the other YouTubers.


"Well, YouTube may hate me, but it doesn't hate the others," he said, "Ian and Anthony are particular favourites of YouTube's. They're nice guys and so are their chicks, but Melanie is a little strange..." Shane laughed a little.


"I've always wanted to meet Smosh," said Lexi, wistfully, "I think they're hilarious."




Shane grimaced. I knew how hard it must be for him being compared to so many other YouTubers.


"I really like your videos, Shane," I said, smiling, "I even bought a few of you're t-shirts myself."


"Okay, let me give you the money for that," He said as we pulled into the driveway of the YouTube Guest House.


"No, its fine. They're nice tops."


I smiled, and we got out of the car. Shane told us to wait so he could get some of the boys to help bring our luggage in. Shane returned with Sam Pepper, Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla and - Joey Graceffa.


Joey glanced at me and blushed, but smiled all the same. He extended his hand to me.


"Hey, I'm Joey," he said, then glanced between Lexi and I, "Nice to meet you guys. I love your videos."


I took his hand and shook it gently. "I'm Hayley, and this is Lexi. Of course we know who you are Joey, you're like one of the hottes- I mean, one of my favourite YouTubers."


I went bright red and Ian laughed. He then introduced himself to both of us, as did Sam and Anthony.


The boys took one of our suitcases each (we'd brought a lot) and Lexi and I brought in our rucksacks and stuff. The House was beautiful.




The hallway was painted a really nice red colour, in fact actually the YouTube colour. Pictures of YouTubers lined the walls and at the end above another white door was the YouTube logo. The carpets were white, and above us hung a crystal chandelier.


"Wow!" Lexi gasped, and Sam chuckled.


"I know, I was like that when I got here. Its a lot different from England, isn't it?" Sam said sympathetically, and I was shocked. I didn't watch his videos that much; which explains the fact that I didn't realise he was from England too.


Lexi giggled and twirled her hair. Yuck, I thought. How obvious was she being?


I hung back a bit whilst Lexi got into some animated conversation with Sam. Joey and Shane were walking ahead, which left me to talk to Ian and Anthony.


"Hey," Anthony exhaled, "What did you pack in this thing?"

"Here," I said, "We can swap."

"No, its okay, ma lady," He smiled.

"I watched you're videos." Ian said. "They're... different from most videos people put up." then he quickly added, "But you know, different in a good way."


* * *


The YouTube community didn't take to us straight away exactly, but they did accept us, and I immediately found myself two great friends in Kalel and Meghan.


I'd told Kalel how I'd wanted to gain some weight because of my anorexia but not too much, and she'd recommended living a Vegan Lifestyle.


"Here," she said, fishing around in her handbag and eventually protruding a little   book. "This is my Vegan Handbook. It should help you. Its quite easy though you know, there's like a tofu alternative for everything."

I flicked through and laughed. "I think I'm going to miss ice cream a lot." I said, and she laughed with me.

"Yeah, ice cream was probably the hardest part - but you know, every Saturday I have a little break." I looked at the fact she was eating a bar of Cadbury's chocolate and realised, it must be Saturday. Suddenly her phone beeped and she read through her received text at high speed.


"Ah, sorry, I have to go upstairs to help Ian&Anthony set up for movie night tonight. We're like having Joey, Shane, Meghan and Marzia over. Hey, after you unpack you should come along."

"I'm not unpacking tonight," I said, "I'm going to leave Lexi to sleep. Hey if you want I can help you guys to set up?"

"Sure that'd  be great, come  on."


We made small talk as we walked up to Kalel and Anthony's room, and when we knocked, the door was opened by Ian and a pretty blonde girl who I recognised as Ian's girlfriend Melanie.


"Hey!" she said. "So great to finally meet you, Hayley! and Kalel, always a pleasure." she said. I immediately liked her.

"Yeah, hey guys," said Ian, gently wrapping his arm around Melanie's waist.

"Okay, so are you guys going to move so we can come in?" Kalel laughed, and grabbed my arm. "Come on, Hayley."


Ian and Melanie walked over to the sofa and began setting up cushions blankets and bean bags, and Kalel let go of me to go and watch Anthony struggle at trying to pop some popcorn. She laughed and took over, and Anthony went to go and sit and the table in their small apartment and play Super Head Esploder X on his iPad.


Over in the corner looking kind of bored with all the happy couples was Joey. He was actually vlogging, I realised, and as he looked up and saw me he called and waved.


"Hayley! Shoot, girl, get over here!" he smiled and beckoned and I pulled up a chair next to him.


"Guys, this is Hayley, and she's new around these parts."

"Hey!" I said.

"I'll put a link to Hayley's channel somewhere around here somewhere. Ok so guys, what we're doing right now is like we're at Anthony and Kalel's apartment and we're going to do some movie night thing."

"Yeah," I said, "Joey will you protect me from the ghosts? I think I'll be freaking out after these horror movies."

"Aw," Joey said, putting his arm around me. Judging by the hesitation he had before saying the next few words, I think he may have felt the same electric currents run over his skin as I did. "I won't let anything get you! You'll have my manliness to protect you." He said, using the arm that wasn't around my shoulders to flex his biceps. I giggled like an idiot; and Meghan walked in.


She looked at me and Joey kind of confusedly, and Joey ripped his arm from my shoulder's. Meghan smiled and came and sat next to me. As Joey vlogged a little more, she whispered,

"Hey, I'm Meghan. I haven't seen you around."

"Oh, I'm Hayley. I'm new. Nice to meet you,"


"OK girls, lets go have a movie night!" Joey exclaimed, sending both of us into fits of giggles.

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