Ever wondered what its like to be kidnapped by your idols? Its a normal fan girls dream, but not for Maya Jones. Maya thought it would be an ordinary walk to school, but what happens when your idols pull over beside you? Do you run, or do you talk to them. Maya done neither.....[Red]-explicit content 16+


2. Following the rules.

Maya's POV


"Maya, wake up!" Liam was shaking me. I slowly got up, yawning then covering my mouth, thinking I was going to be punished.

"Its okay, you've just woke up." He replied. I let out a sigh of relief.

"You need to get up. Here, wear these just now, Harry and Louis are out getting you clothes." Liam said, handing me a striped top and grey joggers. I went into the bathroom and put them on, then tamed my wild brown hair. I walked back out to see Liam, who picked me up and carried me downstairs.

"What is it with you people and carrying?" I asked as he sat me down beside Niall.

"Its just what we do." Niall smiled.

"HONEY WE'RE HOME!" Harry shouted, walking through to the sitting room with Louis and many bags of clothes. He threw them at me, and something hard hit my head. Shoes?

"ouch." I said rubbing the newly formed lump on my head.

"Sorry babes." He replied, laughing a bit.

"Come on, lets get you changed." Louis picked me up, and Niall followed with all the bags. I was sat down on the bed and Niall and Louis were throwing clothes at me. They threw me a pair of light blue high waist skinny jeans, and long baggy grey sweater with the black numbers 76 on it, black Dr. Martens and a red hairbrush.

"Go get changed. Louis go with her so she doesn't do anything." Niall said walking out the room. Louis and I went into the bathroom.

"Er.. can you turn around?" I asked, embarrassed about my body.

"And Louis, help her shower and get dressed!" Niall shouted. My jaw dropped.

"Come on then babe! Strip off!" He said, pulling off my clothes. He turned on the shower and lifted me in. It was a shower bath and I sat in the corner, highly embarrassed. Louis pulled me over, sitting me at the edge of the bath. I sighed as he washed my hair.

"Now to wash your body!" He said grabbing shower gel.

"I think I, can do this?" I said. He shook his head. He put soap into his hands, turning it into bubbles and rubbing in on my stomach. My eyes widened as his hands started to go down to my vagina. He gently rubbed his hand over it, circling my clit.

"Louis please," I said. He immediantly stopped, turned off the shower and lifted me out. He got a towel and dried me off, making my hair a complete mess. We laughed. He helped me get my clothes on, then brushed my hair. I put it up in a messy bun.

"Your eyes are beautiful..." He whispered, making me blush and look down.

"Don't do that, your too pretty to not show your face." He said, lifting up my face. We looked at each other, and he leaned in, gently placing his lips on mine. We pulled apart.

"You know, the buttons on your jeans still need tied up." He said. He sat on the edge of the bath and spun me round to him. Starting from the top of the five buttons, he slowly tied them up. I smiled and blushed more. He looked up at me and smiled too. Once he was done he pulled me onto him to I was straddling him.

"I love you, Maya." He said. I didn't say anything. Then there was a knock on the door.

"Whats taking you's so long?" Niall asked.

"We're just coming out!" Louis shouted. He carried me out and back downstairs.

"If it isn't the beautiful girl herself!" Harry said clapping his hands. I blushed.

"Oh please..." I shook my head.


-A few hours later-


"Who wants to see a movie tonight?" Zayn asked. The boys started cheering, but I was silent. Obviously he didn't mean me.

"Maya, why aren't you happy?" Louis asked. I shrugged.

"Your coming too." Harry said. I shrugged again, then slapped myself. Rules, if I shrug twice I get punishment.

"Tut, tut, tut Maya. Double shrug. Come on." Niall pulled me up, dragging me to his room. I didn't know what he was going to do but I started crying.

"Do shut-up!" He shouted. I immedinantly stopped. He pushed me onto the bed, pulling down the trousers and knickers. He sat behind the bed, taking off his jeans and boxers and rolling on a condom. I started crying more. Niall was going to tear my virginity apart. He got back on the bed, but before he could go any further Louis came bursting in.

"Leave her alone Niall!" He shouted. Niall stood up, putting his boxers and jeans back on and leaving. Louis helped me put on my knickers and jeans, and sat me on his lap. I cried into his shoulder.

"Are you okay?" He asked once I'd calmed down. I nodded. Then he crashed his lips against mine again. I didn't argue, I threw my hands around his neck and straddled him...




We were at the cinema seeing 'Jack the Giant Slayer'. I was sitting beside Louis at the back row, the other boys in front of us. We kept on glancing at each other, and we were holding hands. Bad thing is, I'm 17 and hes 21. But does age matter?


After the movie we all went back to the boys' place.

"Bedtime Maya." Louis picked me up and led me to bed.

"This isn't where I sleep?" I asked, confused.

"This is my room. You're sleeping with me tonight." I smiled as Louis got in beside me, cuddling me and we both fell asleep.

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