camping with one direction

This is about a girl named Olivia who's parent died and decided that she would go camping one day but what she didn't know was that there was going to be other people there. She has it for her when she gets there. She gets to meets the biggest band in the world one direction. I would not read this if you aren't over 15.


9. Zayn

 After I got sick Zayn picked me up and carried me to his house. He took me up stairs being careful knowing that I had bruises, he took me to the guest room and laid me down. " do you want anything while I'm in here? " " ya do you have any tylonal?" " ya hold on." He ran down stairs and grabbed the box of medication, he came up with it and read how many I would need and gave me it. I sit up off the bed and swallowed them whole. I had the worst headache in the world it felt like my head was in hurricane and got hit by a truck. Soon after I fell back to sleep and had the weirdest dream ever. I was in a car and seen a tornado coming my way. I drove as fast as I could to my house, I was getting out of the car and it sucked me up and I died. I jumped up out of bed and flew down stairs to the couch. " wow livie what are you doing up, you should be up there sleeping." " Zayn I just had the worst dream in my life." " why are you sweating like that?" " Zayn I don't care about that in my dream I died and lost the baby." "Wow." " come here livie I made a promise with Niall and I'm going to keep it. I won't let anything happen to you I promise." I crawled over to the other side of the couch were he was and laid down on his lap, and fell asleep again. I woke up about two hours later and I wasn't on the couch, and I wasn't in the guest room, I was in Zayns room. I looked around and right next to me was Zayn, but he didn't have his arms around me. He wasn't any were near me, he was a couple feet away from were I was. I got up and went down stairs to get a glass of water. " boo" freaking Zayn scared me and made me spill my water all over me. " what the hell Zayn why did you do that?" " I thought I would come down here and help you but got the crazy idea to scare you." "Zayn you made me about jump out of my skin and I spilled water on my self." "I'm sorry hey the boys want to know were you are going to be staying tonight" " I don't know stay here and get the shit scared out of me again or go stay somewhere else." Zayn looked at me and said "I won't do it again I promise." " its okay I was going to stay here any way." " livie want me to get you some clothes from your house or do you want a pair of sweats and a t-shirt from my closet?" " I'll go with the t-shirt and sweats because I really do not want you to go through my cloths and I don't want to walk over there." He ran up stairs and got the cloths, and came back down with them and told me were the restroom was. I grabbed the clothes and realized that I got my bra soaked and didn't have an other one. I took off my wet cloths and put the new ones on. I came out and told Zayn that I was going over to my house for something and ran out the door. I came back and Zayn was asleep on the couch, I woke him up and told him to go get in his bed. He just looked at me like a retard. " Zayn get up and go get in your bed." " will you come with me?" "No I won't now go please." He sat up and grabbed me by my waist and put his head on my stomach. "Zayn what the hell are you doing let go." " no I'm not going to let you go." "Zayn are you drunk." " I had a pint I'm not drunk." "Zayn let go of me now or I'm going to call Liam to get you off of me." "How you gonna do that without your phone livie." He slav while taking my phone out of my hand and sticking it in his back pocket."Zayn give it back please and let go you are hurting me." " no and no I'm not letting go. Hey that rimed." " Zayn please stop your really hurting my stomach." I bent down and he was not going to be letting me go any time soon. I sat down next to him and he laid down on my lap. I got up to go to the restroom and he was still holding on to me. So I got up and drug him over to liams house with me to see if he could pry him off of me. When Liam answered the door he could tell that I needed some thing by my straight face. I pointed down at Zayn still holding on to my waist. Liam helped me inside and had me sit down. "Zayn let go of her she needs to use the restroom and if you don't I'm going to have Louis come over hear and help me pry you off of her now let go." " no I'm not letting her go!" " Liam, I think Zayn is drunk." I said " I'm not drunk i just had a pint okay, I'm just choosing not to let go to get on her nerves." " livie come on were going to louis house to get him off of you." " okay I really really need to go to the restroom like now." "Okay let's go." We were going through Liams back door to Louis house and I felt a pain. We got to Louis house and he answered the door with in seconds. He looked at me then at Liam then down at Zayn that was still attached to my waist." Why is he doing that Liam?" Louis asked. " he's being a retard and won't let go of me and I have to go to the restroom really bad will you get him off of me." "Ya livie hold on come inside." We went inside and louis grabbed Zayn and Liam held me so that I wouldn't go flying when louis ripped Zayn of me. When Zayn was finally off of me I fled to the restroom. I got up there and pulled down my pants and there was blood every were. I guess that's the pain. I came down and looked at all of the boys. "What's wrong livie." "I'm bleeding I think I lost the kid, on the way over hear I felt a really bad pain." " come on let's take you to the hospital." Louis said while walking towards. Liam and Zayn just stared at me.

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