camping with one direction

This is about a girl named Olivia who's parent died and decided that she would go camping one day but what she didn't know was that there was going to be other people there. She has it for her when she gets there. She gets to meets the biggest band in the world one direction. I would not read this if you aren't over 15.


3. us

Me and Niall were walking towards the tent together when I felt something touch my hand I looked down it was Niall holding my hand. I smiled and I guess he saw me " what are you smiling about?"  I looked down at our hands and he notices that our fingers were intertwined. He quickly took his hands away from mine." Why did you do that?" " you liked it." " ya a little bit its nice having someone I can trust to take care of me and to hold me." " hey uh Olivia" " yes " " will you go out with me " " yes!" I jumped and hugged him and he hugged me back. When we got to the tent I noticed everyone around a fire so me and Niall walked over to them. Everyone looked at us and noticed that we were holding hands Harry and Zayn looked like they were going to cry. Kelsi, Louis, and Liam looked like they were going to explode they were so happy. " So are you guys dating now or was Niall making sure you don't fall over?" Harry and Zayn asked hoping for the second one. " were dating now do you guys have a problem with it?" " no its fine just didn't expect you two to be dating." When the sun started going down Niall went to the van and got his guitar. About twenty minutes later Harry went in the tent and got a beer for everyone out of the pack. When I opened my beer everyone looked at me and look like they wanted to see what I would do. I chugged the whole sixteen ounce in under thirty seconds. They looked at me like I had the word stare at me on my forehead. " what you guys staring at?" " you, you just chugged a sixteen ounce in the time that Harry can drink a eight ounce!" " ya so maby I just got a bigger stomach then he does, and plus if he can't handle it then he doesn't need to be drinking." " oh did I just hear I challang or am I mistaking it." Louis said and looked at Harry. Zayn went and got the packs of beer out of the tent and to my surprise he brung out three twenty- four packs which means that I am going to getting drunker then hell tonight. After about thirty beers I got really drunk and was slurring had a really bad urge to dance on someone. Me and Niall were walking towards the tent when I didn't feel so good, I ran and got sick behind my car. They all came and made sure I was ok after that I got really light headed and fell and hit my head on a rock and passed out. I felt someone shaking me and saying my name, I finally come through and realized that it was Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Kelsi.I guess I had to get mouth to mouth because Harry and Niall were really close to my face. When I sat up I heard all of them let out a sigh of relief. I looked at them and asked were I was. " your at the hospital you have a large amount of alchole in your system, and you have an infection" the lady next to me said while checking to make sure I was okay, I'm guessing she's the nurse. I looked at everyone who was in my room and realized that Liam and Louis were gone. " were are Liam and Louis I said with my eyes closed " we are her love " said what sounded like Liam. When I tried to open my eyes but when I did get them open I regret it so badly. " sis, liam, louis can you guys leave the room really quick please?" " ya come on you guys let's, let them talk." " are they gone yet." " ya babe there gone now what did you want to talk to us about." " now Harry, Zayn you guys are aware that I do have feelings for you guys too but not in that way right?" I said with my eyes closed." No but how did you know that we" they were cut off by me getting sick into the trash can next to the bed. " sorry that was not planned you may continue Harry" " back to were I was, how did you know that we had feelings for you" " Harry Zayn you think I haven't noticed you guys staring at me and Zayn when I woke up yesturday, you were in bed with me and you had your arms around me." " well I guess you know, now Niall" Zayn said. " ya you guys, but its ok just don't try anything with her or you guys might get hurt" Niall said while letting out a little laugh. I tried to open up my eyes one more time and I finally got them open. " Niall can I ask you something?" " yes" " you can't be jellus if I do hug them or kiss them on the cheek ok." " I will but if they do try to do anything I will hurt them "" promise me Niall " " ok I promise." I got up and hugged both of them and gave them a kiss on the cheek and to my surprise Niall just sat there and watched me, when he says he keeps a promise he means it. I got up of the bed and got light headed and fell back down onto the bed. Harry, Zayn, and Niall stepped out of the room and got kelsi for me. " hey sis can you help me." " ya what do you need livie" " ya will you help me to the restroom every time I stand up I fall back down." " ya sis I'll help you hold on let me get Niall to hold on to the other side of you do you don't fall and rip the I.v.out of you arm ok." She left the room and got Niall, when she got back in the room, but it wasn't Niall she brung in. It was Liam, I looked at her consurned and looked at Liam. " were is Niall" " he went and got food with the rest of them down stairs love " Liam said while giving me a smile. " okay well can you call them and tell me to bring me some food too I'm so hungry?" " ya I will hold on let's get you to the restroom." " ok." Liam grabbed my hand and put his hand around my waist and walked with me while Kelsi grabbed the pole with the fluids on it to my I.v.

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