camping with one direction

This is about a girl named Olivia who's parent died and decided that she would go camping one day but what she didn't know was that there was going to be other people there. She has it for her when she gets there. She gets to meets the biggest band in the world one direction. I would not read this if you aren't over 15.


10. seeing Niall

 When we got to the hospital I got the sheet off of the desk and answered the questions like why I was there and my social sucurity number and waited for.them to come and get me . In a matter of five or six minutes they had me back in a room. When the nurse asked if I wanted anyone to come back with me I chose Liam. We got in the room and I swore I saw Harry walking down the hall. A few minutes later the doctor came in and asked me what  had me in the hospital. I told him that I was pregnant and that I was bleeding and that I had really bad pain. " okay Ms.Olivia let's get you into a gown and get altrasound going okay." " that's fine with me." A few minutes later they brung me a gown. "Hay Liam would you mined stepping out so I can put the gown on please" " ya I'm gonna go sit in the waiting room for a little bit I'm getting hungry I'm gonna go get some chips out the vending machine I'll be back." "Sounds fine see you later." After Liam went out the room I put on the gown. The nurse walked in and the machine with her. I looked out the crack in the curtain and I swore I saw Niall. " hey um nurse could you go ask that guy that just walked pastif his name is Niall James Horan please?" " yes mam." She walked out of the room and came back and nodded at me." Um ya will you tell him to come in here please." " I need a reason." " he's the babies daddy." " okay I'll get him" she came back with Niall and said something him before he came in. "Niall?" " yes" the way he answered it made him sound like he didn't know me. " its me livie" he stuck his head through the curtain and looked at me. " can I come in." " ya." He ran over to me and gave me a hug and kiss. "Why are you here is something wrong with the baby?" "Yes Niall I think I lost it." He looked at me with sad eyes." "Okay Ms. Olivia I need to get you hooked up to the machine would you like us to tell the police that he will be staying a little bit longer." the nurse asked me. " yes please." The nurse came back in and looked at Niall and at me. "They said  yes but there going to have to stand outside the door though." "Okay its fine with me." The nurse came over to the bed side and asked if I was ready to be hooked me up to the machine. " yes ma." I said squeezing Niall hand a little bit. She laid the bed down and put a pillow underneath my head. She put the band around my stomach and put the jelly on it. She put the machine on my stomach. I looked away from the monitor because I didn't want to see the baby.I didn't hear a heart beat so I started to cry. Niall saw me and just squeezed my hand a little and started to tier up. The nurse wipped the jelly off of my stomach and left the room with the paper. I sat up and hugged Niall and cried into his chest. " I didn't hear a heart beet Niall its de-ad." " livie don't say that we don't know that for sure." The doctor came back in and sat down on the stool." Well Ms. Stewart I got bad news the baby is dead and we will need to have a see section. This may have happened from stress or it could be from the fact that its your first pregnancy." " okay so when will I need to get the surgury?" " um probily with in the next month or two." " or we could do it to day." " can I do it today or are you to busy." " no I'm sure we can get you in today if not we can get you in sometime this month." " okay if you can you can contact me and I'll come back." " so let's go get you checked out." I looked at Niall and gave him a kiss. I put on my clothes and laid the gown on the bed. The nurse came in and said " okay your ready to get out of here." I got up and walked out of the room with Niall. They took Noel and I kissed him one more time and walked down the hall way. I got to the waiting room and motioned the boys to come with me. I looked at Liam who was curled up in a ball on a chair, with a coke beside him. It really didn't seem that long but when I looked at my watch it was almost 11:30. I walked over to Liam and waved my hand in front of him. He didn't wake up so I gave him a little kiss on the cheek. He woke up and asked " what was that, why did you kiss me." " to wake you up you idiot it ment nothing." "Liam, Olivia quit flirting and come on." Zayn said while walking up behind us and grinning. "Zayn what did I say to you when I was in the hospital last time if I kiss you guys on the cheek it doesn't mean anything." " I know I was playing with you know come on I'm tired." We got into the car and I curled up into a ball in the back seat of the van and watched as the yellow lines in the middle of the road go by as we drove. " hey guys guess who I saw" I shouted over the music, while sitting back up. " who" Zayn said while turning down the music. " I saw Niall" "we saw him walking out but didn't mention it we thought it would bum you out." " ya you guys I got to tell you something to." "Yes and what would that be." Liam asked while looking at me. "The baby is dead it could have been because it was my first pregnancy, or the the stress. I think I'll try in an other year or two." " are you okay livie I can get you an ice cream to cheer you up if you want." Louis said while looking back at me really fast because he was driving. "Ya that would be great thank you!" "I might not be a ten year old but it still doesnt mean I can't act like one.

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