camping with one direction

This is about a girl named Olivia who's parent died and decided that she would go camping one day but what she didn't know was that there was going to be other people there. She has it for her when she gets there. She gets to meets the biggest band in the world one direction. I would not read this if you aren't over 15.


8. late

I got in the car with the dog and left not saying another word to any of them. I got to kelsi's house and I realized that its been past a month now and that I was late. I looked at my stomach and felt it. I realized that maby I could be pregnant with Nialls kid. I called Niall and told him to meet me at the park in five minutes. I was there in a matter of two minutes because I took the back way and it was 4:20 in the morning so the roads were pretty much empty. When they got there I grabbed Nialls arm and dragged him fare away from the van. " hey Niall I need to ask you something." " yes and what would that thing be babe" " uh when we had sex did the condom break by any chance?" " maby why what are you trying to say?" " Niall I'm late its been a month." " are you saying that you might be pregnant  with my kid." " Niall settle down I just need you to do something for me." " I would do any thing for you what do you need" " I need you to go to the store and get me a pregnancy test and brig it back to me then I'll go home take it and I'll tell you ok." " ok but if you are pregnant I want you to know that I will be there for this child and I will support you till the very end okay." " I know Niall just do not and I mean do not tell nobody just go please." " okay I love you " " I lo-ve you too Niall." We hugged one more time and went our cars. I drove to my house followed by the boys. I ran inside and went to the bathroom and took the test, I waited and they both came back positive. I text Niall and said that they were both positive that I was for sure pregnant. He sent me a smiley face and said he was coming over. Niall knocked on the door and I ran down stairs and answered the door. I looked at him and just jumped into his arms. I kissed him and it lasted forever. " Niall are you sure you want a kid because we can always give it up for adoption." " livie I want this kid and we want give it up for adoption and I will not let you we aren't going to get an abortion okay I am going to help you with every thing you through the sickness and the cravings okay I love you and won't let anyone hurt you." " Niall I love you I need you and I didn't mean to leave you earlier I will need lots of support from people including Harry so you two need to make up okay." " I'll talk to him about it okay and I'll tell them that your pregnant if that's okay with you." " ya Niall its fine they need to know." We went hand in hand to harry, zayn, louis, and liams houses and invited them over for dinner. We went back home and grabbed some food to make for dinner. We decided on fried chicken. After the boys ate we decided to tell them we gave them water to see if they would do a spit take or not. We sat them down and they knew something was up. " hey Niall you think we should tell them now or later" I said smiling knowing it would get on there nerves. " tell us what " Zayn asked. I nodded at Niall to tell them. " well I think everyone knows about me and Olivia sleeping together right." " ya who doesn't know" Harry said. " okay y'all won't believe this but she is pregnant." " WHAT" they all said at once and done a spit take all over my cafe table and the floor. " you guys didn't use protection I can't believe you guys Niall you had a whole box of condoms." Harry said while looking really pissed. " we did use protection it broke though and neither of us knew it ok so don't get ad at her or me its not our fault that the condom broke its the people who made its fault." Niall started to raise his voice at them so I had to make him stop. " Niall you meet her like a month ago, plus she's freaking eight teen she's to young to have a kid!" "No its her life Harry let her do what we want, we have done been through every thing, abortion, adoption. She.wants to keep this kid Harry don't try to make her give it away." " Harry Niall stop yelling your making livie stress out." Louis said seeing me holding my head. Louis and Liam were the only ones not yelling at each other, they actualy looked happy for us. I was staring at the window, when felt dizzy. I went upstairs and laid down on my bed, I soon after fell asleep still hearing the boys yelling at each other. After what seemed like five minutes to me, but was really seven hours. I was awaking by some one shaking me and saying my name. I looked to see who it was and it was Zayn, why was Zayn waking me up. " yes Zayn what do you" I was interrupted by me getting sick to my stomach and running to the restroom, Zayn ran after me and helped me back up against the wall and asked if I needed any thing." Zayn were is Niall ?" " That's the thing I was waking you up for Niall and Harry are in the hospital they beat the shit out of each other after you left it just got worse they started hitting each other, and the three of us couldnt stop them so we had yo call the police and after they get out of the hospital there going to jail I'm so sorry olivia." " are you saying I won't be able to see Niall or Harry on till they get out." " ya if you want or need any thing just come over to either of our houses and we will get it for you okay and we even agreed that if you wanted to you could stay the night at either of our houses." " Niall told me that if you to try to kill your self that you two would never ever get married or have one or two more children. That if you did kill yourself there would be no more of you two left and he would grieve himself to death and that he should be out before the kid is born. So don't grieve yourself to death that you have to keep the child healthy okay so don't try anything and plus we won't let you, you mean way to much to us for us to let you go." " Zayn I promise I won't do any thing you guys are the best thing that ever happened to me."

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