camping with one direction

This is about a girl named Olivia who's parent died and decided that she would go camping one day but what she didn't know was that there was going to be other people there. She has it for her when she gets there. She gets to meets the biggest band in the world one direction. I would not read this if you aren't over 15.


7. i just want to die

After I came inside I asked Liam if he could call Niall. In a matter of seconds Niall was at my house. He picked me up and I tried so hard not to show that it hurt. About half way up the stair he realized something was bothering me. We went to my room and he sat me down on the bed. He sat down next to and gave me a hug. " so why did it look like you were fixing to break in half when I carried you up the stairs?" " uh because I'm still sore from were the stuck the I.v. in." " you are telling me a lie a can tell by the way you said uh before you said anything." " Niall if I tell you what really happened you can't do anything bad okay" " okay" " you know how Harry has a crush on me, well he heard that you and me had slept together. Which I don't know how he figured it out because I haven't even told Kelsi yet but. He came over here right after I got off dance and all the lights in your house were off so I thought you were asleep. It was about 8:45 when I got home so it was dark. I got up and answered the door and before I could turn on the outside light, Harry kissed me and I thought it was you so I turned on the light and found out it was Harry. He pushed me back inside and closed the door, then he tried to make me take of my cloths. I resisted so he picked me up by my arms and tried to pull my shirt off himself, so I kicked him and hit him on till he let me go for the slightest moment. I ran out the door as fast as I could and ran to your house but you didn't answer, so I ran to Zayns and hid because I thought Harry was going to really hurt me, but after a few minutes Zayn made him cool down." " so your telling me Harry done this to you right." he said while looking heart broken and pissed off at the same time. " Niall what ever you do, do not leave this house because me and him made up about ten minutes ago so its okay there is no need to." Before I could finish my sentence Niall was out of my bed room, and out the door. I stormed down stairs and made eye contact with Liam. I motioned him to come with me and sure enough Niall and Harry were fighting out on Harry's lawn. I looked at them both fighting and realized that they used to be best friends before I came so some how, some way I was going to have to take a break from all of them. After a while of Liam trying to stop them he told me to go get Zayn or Louis to help him. I really didn't want to jump a fence so I ran to Zayns house and pulled him out of his house as soon as he answered the door. I was pulling him all the way there on till he realized what was happening. He ran over to them and he grabbed Niall while Liam grabbed Harry. I looked at both of them and we all locked eyes. I ran in my house grabbed my keys and took off. I decided that I was going to go for a walk. I know what your thinking a walk in the middle of the night you freaking idiot but it helps me a lot. It feels like its only you and you can invite people in. Its like your own world. God I just want to die so bad but if I do I know that if I do try to kill myself that I will just dissapoint every one around me and I will never be able to be happy with myself for the rest of my life. If I didn't care so much about every one I would have already tried to kill myself. I was walking in the park when I ran into someone. I looked up and saw that it was Kelsi. She gave me a hug and I just needed to be with her for a little bit. " hey livie what are you doing out here is everything okay." " no kels nothing okay Niall and Harry are trying to kill each other over me, Harry hurt me he kissed me, and to top it off I lost my virginity." " you what, you lost your virginity livie I can't believe you didn't tell me this sooner. Come here let me see what Harry done to you." I turned around and lifted my shirt sleeve up. She brung me into I big hug and she gave me a kiss on top of my head. I sat there in her arms wishing that she hadn't even took me camping it hurt me more then it helped. " so which one did you loose it to." " did I loose what to." " oh my god idiot your virginity" " you idiot who do you think I lost it to Niall." " so when was this" we laid down on the grass together and I told her everything how Harry found out and kissed me, and how he tried to make me have sex with him. We laid there for a little bit longer then I asked if I could stay the night her. If she died I would have nobody left at all. I would probly do something bad if I lost her I don't know what but I know I would do something. I looked back in the mirror of my car and realized that the van was following me. So I texted kels saying that they found me and that they were following me. I looked back at the road just fast enough to not hit a dog that was in the road. I got out of the car and I guess the boys saw me so they got out of the car too. I ran in front of my car and picked up the dog to make sure it was okay. I stood up with the dog just as everyone came up behind me they all looked at me with this tiny little dog in my hands. I asked if someone could take it while I went and got a blanket out of the car. Zayn took the dog from my hands and I came back with the banket and gave it to Zayn. 

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