camping with one direction

This is about a girl named Olivia who's parent died and decided that she would go camping one day but what she didn't know was that there was going to be other people there. She has it for her when she gets there. She gets to meets the biggest band in the world one direction. I would not read this if you aren't over 15.


11. help

 We went and got ice cream and were on our way back to our houses and I heard my phone ring. " hello." "Yes this is jessicah with the hospital of Fayetteville, Arkansas and we were wondering if you would like to come back for the sea section." " ya that's fine." "Okay hope for the best have a good night." "You too." "Bye." After I hung up I told the boys that I had to go and get surgery done now. They all turned around and looked at me like I was crazy. "Its okay I'll drive there and one of you can come and get me after I get out and surgery okay, or one of you or all can stay in the waiting room on till I get out." " if I go home I will not be there for you and if I am there I wont be able to sleep good, so I choose not being able sleep well." Liam said and Zayn nodded agreeing with him. "You guys are so sweet thank you." On the way to the hospital cant hold us by malcamore and ryan lewis came on. I started singing to it and the boys looked at me because I could rap the first part really good. "What are you staring at." "You can rap like niki monage on staroids." " what just because I can rap you got to go all sicotic on me you guys are weird." I said while laughing a little bit. Get low by little john came on and I started to dance a little bit in my seat. Zayn looked back at me and Liam, who were asleep on each others shoulders. Zayn snapped in my face and I hit my head on the ceiling of the van. When I jerked up Liam, jumped up after almost falling and hit his head on the ceiling too. "Are we here." I said while holding my head were it hit and so was Liam. "Ya come on let's get you in there, the sooner the better." Zayn said while helping me out of the car. Liam followed me and shut the door behind him and told Louis he would call when we were done. I walked in and checked at the front desk and they asked if I wanted someone to come with me I picked Zayn and he was so surprised. He fallowed me back into the room they put me in and he done as he was told, he put on the cap, shoe covers, and the little thing that slipped over his shirt and pants. They put an I.v. in and gave me some medication to numb my body so I wouldn't feel anything. The doctor came in and told Zayn his name and put a blanket looking thing in front of me so I couldn't see anything. I held out my hand for Zayn to hold and he just stood there. I looked up at him and back at my hand and then he realized what I wanted. He stood there and held my hand, and rubbed his thumb up and down trying to sooth me. I seen the doctor take a needle of the tray next to the bed. When the doctor started to sew up my stamach I felt everything for the last minute I wined in pain and the doctor just said "hold in there were almost done." " god I just need to stop so I won't need help anymore." When they cleaned up all the blood on my stomach and got the pad with the alchole on it to make sure that I wouldn't get an infection. When they were done cleaning my wound they sat me up really to make sure they wouldn't hurt me. I felt really tired and woozy. They brung me in a sprite to take away my cotton mouth. They put me in I.C.U. so that people could see me. After a few minutes I told Zayn to go get Liam because he was probly sleeping. Zayn and Liam came back, Liam was holding some flowers and Zayn was holding a balloon. "Thanks so much you guys." " we gkt good news the doctor said that we can crash here for the rest of the night and we should be able to get out of here in the morning." " that it great I hope I get out of here and never have to come here again well one of you guys can sleep on the love seat and one can sleep in thee bed with me." " I will sleep in on the love seat and Liam you can sleep in the bed." Zayn said while walking over to the love seat and pulling the lever to extend the love seat. I scooted over to make room for Liam to come and get in. He came and crawled into the bed I had to sleep with a pillow under my stomach. I looked at Zayn and he was over there snoring. I gave Liam a small smile and rolled over we had to sleep on our sides so that there would be room. After a little while I feel out cold dreaming of how my life has been sense I've meet the boys. I woke up to Liam getting out of the bed. I looked around and saw a nurse unhooking the machine. "This may hurt a little bit okay." " okay." They pulled the tape off of the I.v. that was holding it still. Then they got a cotton ball and a band aid to put it on to stop the bleeding. They pulled the I.v. out slowly and put the cotton ball and band aid over it. I was finally going to get out of this place. I heard Liam talking to Louis on the phone. I heard the nurse say to Zayn "Well she gets out of the gown and checked out and she's free to go." I threw a little party up in my head. After about thirty minutes I was out of the gown and back into my sweats and t-shirt. We got to the desk and the lady handed me my papers. We went to the elevator and hit the ground button. It was hard to walk but I managed the pain. When we got out I saw the van and went down towards it. I got in and put the seat belt over my waist. " zayn how did you sleep on the love seat because I had a great night on that hard stiff bed ment only to have one person in it but livie made it all better she let me use her as a pillow." "I had a great night on the love seat but it would have been better if livie pillow was there." Zayn said while laughing. I laughed a little bit I didn't want to rip the stitches so I gave out a fake sounding laugh. 

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