camping with one direction

This is about a girl named Olivia who's parent died and decided that she would go camping one day but what she didn't know was that there was going to be other people there. She has it for her when she gets there. She gets to meets the biggest band in the world one direction. I would not read this if you aren't over 15.


6. Harry

After dance I grabbed my keys out of my locker and went to my car . When I got home all the lights in Nialls house were off so I didn't bother going over there I just went inside of my house and went to the kitchen grabbed a bottle of water and some chips and plopped down on the couch. I was reaching for the remote when someone knocked on the door. I got up and couldn't see who it was so I reached for the outside light. Before I could turn on the light they kissed me so I expected Niall to be there but I was so wrong it was Harry. I pushed Harry away from me but it didn't work he was to strong. I hit him as he tried to pick me up over his shoulder. I ran out the door and to Nialls house but he didn't answer so ran to Zayn's house. I heard Harry running after me as soon as Harry reached me Zayn opened the door and I rushed in only to be followed by Harry into Zayns house. I fled upstairs to a room and hid from him. I heard Harry calling my name, I started to cry. Just as I heard Harry open the door to the closet I was in I heard Zayn yell " Harry stop she didn't do anything its fine if she had sex with Niall, I mean she is his girlfriend and if she didn't want it Niall wouldn't have done it, he would never hurt a soul." I looked at Zayn and Harry sitting on the bed of the room I was in. I slowly came out with tiers in my eyes. Zayn and Harry's eyes shot down at me on the ground half scared to death. "Look Olivia I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that back there." I looked at him then back at my arms that really hurt. I lifted up my shirt sleeve and saw the bruises all over my arms and started to cry again. " Harry just don't even talk to me again you hurt me and that's the last thing I wanted." I walked away from the room they were in and I heard Harry get up to come after me but was stopped by Zayn. " dude just let her go she needs some rest she's almost died because of something we did, we gave her alchole that almost killed her, just let her sleep." When I got back to my house I noticed that there was a light on in Nialls house, Louis, and Liams house. I went out back and sat down and watched stars, and fell asleep. I was awoken by someone carrying me some were I started to ask were they were taking me and but didn't get it out. I just looked at who was carrying me it was Liam." Where are you taking me?" " to your bedroom why?" " no reason just wanted to know I thought you were Harry." " What happened between you to?" As he shifted me in his arms to take me up the stairs I winced in pain. " Liam will you just walk me up the stairs I can't be handled right now okay?" He lifted up my shirt sleeve and saw the bruises. "What happened to you who done this." " Liam, Harry done it, Harry done it he heard that I had sex with Niall and got pissed off and kissed me and he wouldn't let me go." " are you okay Olivia did he do anything else to you?" " ya he pushed me to the point were I don't feel safe anymore I can't trust being around him anymore Liam, I can't take it anymore I just want to die." "Olivia if you die Niall will kill himself and we can't take that we would go nuts without you and Niall so please don't say that again." I started to cry when Liam pulled me into a hug."shhh its ok you don't have to worry if he hurts you again come and tell me and me, Niall, and Zayn and we will talk some since into him okay so do you want me to take you upstairs or can you get it yourself?" " Liam can you stay here with me so if he does come back you can stop him please or go get Niall?" "How about this I get Niall to come over and take you to your room and stay up there with you, and I stay down here and make sure he doesn't come back is that okay?" " yes Liam thank you and can you go let Zayn know that I'm ok and thank him for saving me from Harry please, if it wasn't for him I would probly have more bruises and he would have probly have raped me." I started to try to stand up but couldn't do it I fell back down. I heard someone knock on the door and looked at Liam and looked back at me. He got up and answered it he looked back at me and motioned me with his head to come towards the door. I got up after Liam having to come over and help me. I walked with him towards the door and saw Harry standing there. I looked at him and I guess Liam told him what I said because it looked like he had been crying. " Olivia can you come out here please I won't touch you I swear and if I do I'll tell Liam and Niall and I'll let them beat the shit out of me please just talk to me!" Liam and I looked at each other, he nodded I stepped outside with Harry. " What Harry I don't want to talk to you." "  Olivia I know you don't want to talk to me but I like you and that's why I reacted how I did when I heard you slept with Niall. I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you I didn't mean to touch you at all, I'm so sorry Olivia will you please forgive me?" "Harry if Zayn wouldn't have answered the door at the time he did what would you have done to me?" He scratched the back of his neck and looked at me and it looked like he was fixing to cry. " Harry what would you done to me?" " I would have raped you and hurt you even more than I did I wouldn't be able to stop and would have pushed you to near death." I looked at him and tiers were rolling down his cheeks." Harry if you hurt me I can't stop Niall and Liam from hurting you and I don't want you to get hurt okay." I said starting to cry. I looked at him and we locked eyes " Harry I like you but I don't like you in that way do you remember when I told you that?" " ya I remember you had kelsi, louis, and liam step out while you told me and zayn that you liked us but not like that. Then you made Niall promise not to hurt us if you kissed us on the cheek or hugged us. Then you kissed us on the cheek and hugged us." " yes exactly know what did you just say" "that you could hug us but you didn't say that we could touch you" "Harry, Niall is capable of stuff I know because he tried to make me have sex with him, but after a while he cooled down and got my permision to and I'm his now we built our trust up for each other and I trusted him with me he didn't force me to" " so what are you saying that we have to build trust up" " yes Harry at first I trusted you more than Niall or my sister. Now I can't walk without  it hurting some were Harry I trust you but its not as strong as it used to be can I have a hug now?" " ya come here." We hugged for about one minute, I looked up at him and he had streaks down his face were the tiers had came down I wiped his cheeks and he wiped mine. We both let out a giggle, we said good night and he walked to his house and I walked in mine. 

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