House in the Shadows

Michelle, Charles, Brooke & Andrew are just the average family until a recent event caused the family to slowly break apart. Their only current option is to relocate halfway across the country to get a complete fresh start.

Once they arrive, bit-by-bit the explainable events worsen. The house is told to be perfectly safe... So who is the blonde boy who meets Brooke? Why does he have such a dark connection to the house? Why do the elderly neighbors refuse to enter and why does the house seem so alive?


1. Prologue


Kent, 1984, the house just sat there while the ear piercing thunder exploded in the night sky. The rain was catapulting onto the ground, lucky it didn't break the roof at this rate. This house was extremely large, it sat in the center of a large forest and was surrounded with land and trees. And yes, before you ask, it does get crappy internet connection. This home was truly the perfect home for people at the time, it contained 3 bathrooms, a prayer room, a family room, a kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a dining room, a living room and a large conservatory.

In this home, lived the average family. Well, kinda average as the father had a car accident years ago which caused his wife, son and daughter to get thousands of pounds from his life insurance. It was 23:00 at night, so all inside the home was silent. In this home, lived a single mother named Michelle, a 8 year old girl named Denise and a 17 year old boy called Alex.

Michelle was a loving mother, worked most of the week and constantly gave to charity. She was in her forties but still good-looking for her age. She was a brunette with hair tied back and usually dressed formally, whatever the occasion. She missed her husband so much, every few hours she would get a memory of something brought back to her which just shot a bullet of depression through her mind and heart.

Alex however was an extremely quiet boy, he had had mental health issues and suicidal thoughts since his father died. He was constantly complaining that his father visited him late at night and repeated the line: 'Kill! Kill! Kill!' over again until Alex had panicked so much he ran out of the home and slept outside until morning.

Denise was an extremely sweet girl who did great at school and helped people simply for the joy of it. She worried about Alex, whenever she walked into his room all she saw was him sat on his bed with his head in both hands begging for something to leave him alone. There wasn't a day gone bye that Denise didn't worry.

Inside the 3rd bedroom, Alex was simply sitting there. Sitting at the side of his old bed with both hands surrounding his blonde hair and face. His veins were sticking out from his hand as his muscles were as tight as possible. He just sat there, staring at the floor with his blue eyes. It only took one look to know he had a troubled past. His eyes barely blinked as his head shook faster than the wind outside.

He looked up, for the first time his eyes were clearly visible. The red veins were stabbing from around his pupils as he stared into space, as if his body was without a soul. His hands released his head from their harsh grip as he stood up and looked towards his bedroom door. His feet were like feathers as he gradually walked up to a shelf and picked up the knife. He stared at it for a second, as if holding himself back, he managed to fight the hesitation off.

Alex began to take it step-by-step out of his bedroom and towards his mother's. He slowly opened the door to reveal the bedroom with his mother lying under the covers, with a head sticking out at the top.  Near to her bed was an old, soft chair covered with images of flowers with a soft cushion sitting on the edge. Alex's heartbeat shot faster than what the punches seemed to be at school.

Alex grabbed the soft cushion from the chair, he nearly jolted as his mother moved in her sleep. Perhaps, she was somehow disturbed. He slowly leaned in before slamming the cushion into her face to prevent noise. His mother's eyes pierced open as fast as the wind outside before she scratched and clawed at Alex to get him off her and allow her to breathe. As precious time passed, her eyes rolled up as her body finally gave in. There's only so long the body can last without oxygen.


Alex's head jolted to one side to reveal his sister in the doorway panicking. Before she could say another word, she was grabbed by the throat. Alex's knife stabbed directly into her stomach. The average person could last a while as the blood sprayed from their body, but the young girl dies instantly.

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