Ianthony - Moments

It's an Ianthony fanfiction. There will be many chapters. The storyline follows Ian and Anthony, and there will go 2-3 days, between each chapter, in the story.


2. Ianthony- Moments chapter 2

They walked around in the amusement park, looking at all the rides and carousels. It was a sunny and warm day, a perfect day to be outside. It was already afternoon. They were both wearing t-shirts and shorts, but it still felt warm.

Ian and Anthony had already tried most of the rides, and now they just walked around, drinking slushies.

Suddenly Anthony stopped and pointed at an amusement, grinning widely.


“Let’s try that one!”


Ian stopped too and looked where Anthony was pointing. His heart sank a little, when he saw it. It was a huge roller-coaster with about 3 big loops. As the carriage drove past them with a lot of screaming humans, Ian could tell that it was fast.


And he hated it. He hated fast roller-coasters, and he really hated loops. Just the thought of it, caused his stomach to turn. It felt stupid, but he couldn’t help it. He was just too scared to try it. One time, when he was a child, his parents had taken him up in a big roller-coaster. The roller-coaster only had 1 loop, but that was enough. He had thrown up doing the ride and the embarrassment, when the ride was over and he was sitting there, covered in puke, was too much. He had begun crying, which didn’t help much, and his parents had taken him home. It took a long time, before his big sister stopped reminding him of it, and even after she stopped, he still remembered the embarrassment.

Since that, he had never tried a roller-coaster with loops. And he didn’t want to try again now.


Anthony’s eyes widened, when Ian shook his head and putted down the cup of slush on a table.


“What? Why not?”


Ian looked at the roller-coaster, then looked down. “I just don’t wanna. You know I hate loops.”


Anthony understood that. He remembered in 6. grade, when Ian was being bullied. He was bullied from the beginning he got into the class, but it got worse when the classmates heard about his roller-coaster accident. Some kid from the school saw Ian at the amusement park and witnessed his accident. The next day everybody knew it, and they kept yelling it after him. Anthony still regretted that he didn’t helped Ian from the beginning. It took a while before he got courage enough to say stop to Ian’s bullies. After that they stopped, but Ian was still marked by it. Anthony was sure, that he would never forget about the bullying.


He gently stroke Ian’s back, after dropping his cup of slush next to Ian’s. “C’mon Ian. It was so long time ago that accident happened. You’re an adult now, don’t you think you can take it?”


Ian looked up at Anthony with huge blue eyes.


“I think I can, but I don’t dare to. I’m scared of it. Look, it’s so fast!”


“If you try it, I’m sure you will like it. It will be fun,” Anthony said and smiled calming. His hand still stroke Ian’s back comforting.


Ian seemed to relax a little, but he still looked scared. His eyes watched the roller-coaster as the carriage drove around in the loops. He gulped nervously.


“I don’t know....”


Then he felt a hand grab his, and he turned his head to look at Anthony. His body relaxed totally, when he saw his soft brown eyes and cute smile. Anthony moved his hand from Ian’s back and laid it on his hand instead, so he covered Ian’s hand with both of his hands.

He leaned in and gently kissed Ian’s lips. The kiss was short and soft, but it felt like heaven. Even though it still felt kinda weird, kissing each other. He wasn’t really used to be kissing another guy yet.

Anthony pulled away and smiled one of his smiles, that could make fangirls faint.

Ian suddenly felt incredibly lucky to have this boy as his boyfriend.


“If you try, I promise to sit right next to you and hold your hand under the whole ride,” Anthony promised, looking directly into Ian’s eyes.

Just by looking into Anthony’s eyes, Ian felt highly calm. With Anthony by his side, he was sure that he could go through anything.


Ian nodded with a smile. “Okay. I’ll do it.”


That made Anthony smile widely and while still holding his hand, he dragged Ian over to the roller-coaster. Ian’s heart began beating faster, but as he looked at the happy smile on Anthony’s face, he couldn’t help but smile too. It was gonna be alright. He was sure, that as long that Anthony was next to him, he wouldn’t be scared.




When they walked away from the roller-coaster, they were both laughing.

Ian turned his head to face Anthony.


“I must say, Anth, that was awesome!”


Anthony grinned and laid his arm around Ian’s shoulder.


“I told you! I knew you would like it,” Anthony said, before he leaned close to Ian and kissed him. Ian gently returned the kiss.


When they pulled away, Ian laid his arm around Anthony’s waist. The park were almost empty and only a few folks were walking around, trying the roller-coasters a last time, before they had to go home.


While still having their arms wrapped around each other, they headed to the exit. Some people turned around and looked after them. That made Ian blush a little.


Anthony noticed it. “Do you want us to just walk next to each other?”

Ian smiled at Anthony’s concern.


“No, I wanna go like this. I’m just gonna get used to people staring. It’s fine.”


To emphasize his words, Ian wrapped his arm tighter around Anthony’s waist and held him closer. Anthony smiled and stroke Ian’s back.

Ian felt a warm, happy feeling spread in his body. This was so right. This was how it should be. This was how it was meant to be.


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