Ianthony - Moments

It's an Ianthony fanfiction. There will be many chapters. The storyline follows Ian and Anthony, and there will go 2-3 days, between each chapter, in the story.


1. Ianthony- Moments chapter 1

“Anthony, I believe it’s time for something,” Ian said, looking up from his food and into the camera.


“Oh what could that be?” Anthony asked sarcastic, before singing the well known Twitter Question song.


Ian focused again on his food, while Anthony scrolled down on the phone, looking for questions. It could take a while before they found a good question. People asked so many dumb questions, and dared them to do so many stupid things. Seriously, what were some of their fans thinking? Did they think that Ian and Anthony were some kind of Jackass?

So it often took a while, before Anthony found something they actually could use.


Ian took another nacho and carefully dipped it in salsa and then ate it. They were eating mexican food again. Nachos and tacos. It was one of the few different things they ate in Lunchtime w/ smosh. They should probably try eating something different, but none of them were creative enough to figure something else out.


Ian was almost done with his food, when Anthony groaned in annoyance, still looking at the phone. Ian looked up at him, but Anthony just kept scrolling down.


“Dude, what’s up?” Ian stopped eating and looked examining at Anthony.


“Nothing. It’s just...” Anthony groaned again. “Half of these questions are about you and me... and.. omg!”


Anthony tossed the phone on the table and crossed his arms. Surprised over the reaction, Ian looked from the phone to Anthony.


“I give up,” Anthony said and sighed resignedly. “There is always comments about, that you and I should kiss, but this time there is too many! I think, they all planned to spam us with those comments today.”


With a confused look, Ian handed the camera over to Anthony and grabbed the phone instead. He began scrolling down. Anthony watched him, as Ian’s eyes grew bigger and bigger. After scrolling down for about 2 minutes, Ian laid the phone down and looked into the camera, that Anthony was holding.


“You guys are sick, sick bastards,” Ian said and began laughing. Once again, he grabbed the phone and scrolled down through the posts.


“This is ridiculous! Look at this.” Ian turned the phone around, so the camera was filming the screen.


“All this...” The screen scrolled down, viewing all the posts. “...is from people, who think Anthony and I should kiss.”


Shaking his head, Ian laid the phone down on the table and grabbed the camera from Anthony’s hand.


“Well, I think that’s enough Twitter questions for today,” Ian said, winking at the camera. Then he noticed Anthony’s surprised face.


“Doesn’t it bother you?” Anthony couldn’t help, but ask. Ian seemed so cool with it.


“Dude, this isn’t new. People always ask this. There are just more of these kind of questions today.”


“It is still annoying,” Anthony murmured, writhing uncomfortable in the chair.


Ian let out a small laugh. “Why does it bother you so much?”


“I don’t know... It just does,” Anthony quickly said and looked down. Ian tried to figure out, what was wrong with Anthony, but he couldn’t. Instead he tried to break the awkward silence.


“Anyway, you can’t stop them from doing it. They will probably keep doing it, until....” Then Ian went silent. That made Anthony look up with a questioningly glance.


“Maybe... Maybe there is something we could do, so they don’t keep asking us to kiss,” Ian murmured and stared directly into Anthony’s eyes.


There was something in Ian’s glance that made Anthony’s heart race, and he began to blush without knowing why.


“Wh-what?” he stuttered, looking nervously into Ian’s eyes.


Ian didn’t answer. Instead he leaned over the table. Anthony was unable to move and just watched as Ian came closer. Then he felt a pair of lips on his own. A shock rolled through his body, but he didn’t move away. Instead he closed his eyes, and felt Ian’s soft lips move against his own. It felt so weird, yet so right....


Suddenly the sensation of Ian’s lips disappeared. Surprised, Anthony opened his eyes and looked at Ian, who had pulled away. Ian sat in front of him with a shocked look on his face, like he couldn’t believe what had just happened. Anthony tried to find something to say, but before he could think of something, Ian pushed the chair out.


“I-I’m sorry,” Ian stuttered hurriedly and stood up. He turned around to leave, but Anthony quickly let go of the camera, he had been holding the whole time, and jumped up. Ian only managed to take a few steps, before Anthony grabbed his arm and stopped him.

It made Ian turn his head to Anthony, who was surprised to see tears in his best friend’s eyes.


“I’m so-sorry Anthony,” Ian stuttered again, trying to avoid Anthony’s glance.


“I shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry....” Then he became silent. He was blushing madly, he couldn’t believe he had just kissed Anthony, his best friend. Hopefully this wouldn’t destroy their friendship. Ian couldn’t stand if Anthony left him.


He knew that Anthony was staring at him, but he kept avoiding his glance. Anthony was still holding his arm, but more loosely now.


Suddenly Ian felt a finger under his chin, gently tilting his head up, so he met Anthony’s glance. Anthony’s eyes were calmly and friendly and had that chocolate brown color, that Ian adored. Unable to speak, Ian just looked nervously in Anthony’s eyes, until Anthony spoke.


“Ian, I... I got pretty surprised there, but.... I actually didn’t mind...” Anthony’s voice were nervous.


Ian blinked surprised with his eyes. What were Anthony saying?


“Wha-what do you mean? I just kissed you!”


Anthony looked nervously down at his feets and took both hands away from Ian. He writhed a little and seemed very uncomfortable.


“Yes, but... It actually felt pretty nice...” Anthony got his acts together and met Ian’s confused glance.


“But you said... That those comments about you and I kissing were annoying.”


“I know, I know... It’s just because, I actually wanted to. But I never thought you would, so it annoyed me, that everyone were commenting about it, when it would never happen.”


“Y-you wanted it to happen?”


“Yes, and I have wanted it in a long time. In years actually. I just never had the courage to do it. But you did it. Wh-why? Do you... Do you like me?”


Anthony went silence and waited for Ian’s response. He felt sweaty and nervous as hell.

Ian slowly turned his body around, so he was facing Anthony fully. Then he grabbed Anthony’s shirt and pulled him close. Their lips met again, more intense this time, and their lips moved in sync, like they were made for each other. Both Ian and Anthony closed their eyes and melted into the kiss.


After something that felt like minutes, Ian pulled a little away, so he could speak, but their faces were still close.


“Yes. I like you. I’ve liked you from the day we became friends. And it just grew stronger and stronger and... I think I’ve fallen in love with you, Anth.”


It felt like a thousand butterflies exploded in Anthony’s stomach. He had been waiting to hear those words from Ian in so many years.


“Re-really?” Anthony said, he couldn’t believe this was happening.


“Yes. I... I love you Anthony.” Ian blushed a little while saying it, but it felt so good to finally let it out. The feeling just grew bigger, when Anthony pulled him in for another kiss. Anthony wrapped his arms around Ian’s waist and held him close. None of them wanted to let go, and they had been standing there for minutes, when Anthony ran a hand up under Ian’s shirt and gently murmured against his lips: “I love you too.”


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