Is this love?

Stefani is a girl who suffers after she discovers something that will change her life but when she meets a person will she let him in her life or will she drown?


4. This was supposed to be chapter 3 sorry!

I get on the bus breathless 
I pay my ride and go sit towards the back were there arent many peaple .
I  need to think about what  im gonna do with my life, i need to get things straight .
After about an hour later i get of the bus and go look for a hotel to stay in .I finally find one and go over to the front desk and ask for a room.The lady gives me my keys  and my room number .Its on the fifth floor , great i have to go up the stairs ! Ugghh!  
I get up to the fifth floor my room is number 512 .Let's see 510,511,aha!512. I unlock the door and throw my suitcase on the floor and toss the room keys on the counter i undress and am about to open my suitcase to get my pj's but i deside to take my bra and panties off and sleep naked im way too tired.Iwalk over to the king sized bed and pull the covers down and get in.
I fall asleep before my head touches my pillow.





*sorry this was supposed to be chapter 3*

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