Is this love?

Stefani is a girl who suffers after she discovers something that will change her life but when she meets a person will she let him in her life or will she drown?


1. The surprise

  Hi,my name is Stefani Monroe and i love nutella .i have crazy waist length brown hair ,im 14years old ,i have green eyes and i live with my dad and my cousin Ronnie.Umm..i have a boyfriend  his name is Don .webe been going out for 6months now and i realy love him i want to tell him but hes on vacation so i have to wait until he comes back tomoroww.

*later the next day *

so i just took a shower and am going to go to Dons house to help him unpack his stuff. I walk over to my closet and pick a red shirt with a black moustach on the front i pock some black booty shorts and my black converse .i try to put a comb through my curly hair but its impossible Uughgghhh i deside ro put it up in a  i walk out i grab my wallet my phone and my earphones .i walk downstairs and go outside i hrab a cab

i get to Dons house in about 20 min or so .i thank and pay the driver .i knock on the door 

*no answer*Thats wierd. I knock again bu there is stillno answer .I deside to go inside and i dont see any one i hear noises coming from Dons room  i go and open the door to his room and OH MY G-GOD!!!


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