Is this love?

Stefani is a girl who suffers after she discovers something that will change her life but when she meets a person will she let him in her life or will she drown?


3. Moving on

I wake up to the sun shining on my face ,i turn around and bury my face in my pillow as i remember yesterday's events .i  sit up and look around the room.if i want to leave the past i need to start a new life .I get up from the bed and walk over to a door that seems to be the bathroom.i walk in and turn the water on ,im naked so i just get in.i relax in the water .
I walk out of the bathroom after i dry myself and walk over to my suitcase .i open it and take out a short black dress that shows enough cleavage ,a stappless bra,and matching panties,i put  them on and i grab my converse ,im going to need new shoes ,i brush my hair .i grab my room keys and some money and my phone and walk out.i'm going to go shopping.

*hey you guys im changing the Stefanies age shes 18

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