Is this love?

Stefani is a girl who suffers after she discovers something that will change her life but when she meets a person will she let him in her life or will she drown?


5. Lou

   I got back from shopping and i bought a lot of clothes,shoes and accesories.i throw my room keys on the counter and throw my shopping bags on the sofa . I take my dress of and change into a strap bra and pull a tank top over my head i climb on the bed  in my panties and look out the window .i turn and turn the tv on.i start watching  sponge-bob.i love this cartoon!
   I got bored so I wander off in the room .Theres nothing to do so i go over to my suitcase and pull out some white booty shorts .i grab my phone and room keys.i step out in the hall and start walking  i check my phone and see that i got a message from my friend Farah .
  "Oooowwww!"i crash into someone and fall to the floor on my bum.causing my phone to go crashing to the floor .i look up and see a worried boy looking down at me
"Im sorry ,i wasnt looking "he appologised and helped me up .
"Its okay,i wasnt looking either" i said.
"I guess its both our fault" he says  handing me my phone with a grin on his face.
"Yeah "i say
"Anyway im Stefani"i say streching my hand out .
"Well hi Stefani im Louis " he say taking my hand and brings it up to his lips and kisses it lightly .
I giggle. 
"Whats so funny ?" He asks 
"Nothing"i say smilling 
He grins and says "do you want to go get a snack?" 
"Sure Lou "i say.
He looks at me and says"so im lou ?"
"Yes" i say playfully.
"Okay so you are Steps "he says 
"Why Steps?"i whine
"Because its short for Stefani." He says .
"Okay" i say and giggle. 
"Steps do you want to be friends ?"he says
"No"i say like a little kid.
"Why ?"he says and crosses his arms over his chest childishly and pouts. 
"Fine"i say.
"Yaaaaayyyyy"he says jumping up and down like a  five year old."lets go,Steps!"
"Lets go lou"i say and we skip to the elevator  giggling like five-year-olds hand in hand our fingers enterwited .

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