Is this love?

Stefani is a girl who suffers after she discovers something that will change her life but when she meets a person will she let him in her life or will she drown?


2. Left

OH MYG-GOD !!!!!
Don and, Angie in the room making out!!
How could he do this to me ?I thought he loved me!! And how can Angie do this to me ?I stand there shocked .
"Stefani!" Don calls my name  trying to get off of Angie and walks over to me .I  look into his eyes for a second and turn around .I burst through the front door and hear Don running after me so i run as fast as my long legs can go .
I run into my house and run upstair to my room i start packing stuff and run back  down stairs .I grab a pen and paper and leave a note to my dad that tells him ill be fine and to not worry about me but i didnt tell him were i was going . I didnt know were i was going i just took $9,000 from the bank and ranoutside to the bus station .

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