do you remember summer 09

alex drate was louis tomlinsons summer love the year before x factor. they were 16 and in love. almost 4 years later they meet again.louis falls inlove all over again. but he has to make the choice between elounor and alex. but louis has more past with alex then he realised.


8. chapter 8

louis p.o.v


we pulled into the car paqrk at nandos and already there were cameras. how the hell did they know i was coming here?

"louis" the called "what are you doing back here in doncaster" they asked

"im here so my new fiance and my daughter can meet my family." i replied simply then walked into the resturant. i was holding alexs hand with my broken hand and i was carrying lana with my free arm. my mum smiled at me and i smiled back. when we got seated i sat next to lana and alex with lottie who was obsessed with lana on lanas other side. it felt wierd that i had only met my daughter yesterday yet it felt like i had known her my whole life. i got a text

from mum x: boobear, im so proud of you :) your a great dad #tommofatheroftheyear :) haha see im a cool mum i know the trends #louex dratlinson :).

i laughed "oh my god mum, just no!" she smiled

"well i thought i was a cool mum. you know down wiv da kidz" alex laughed

"well i like your mum lou. she funny and rally nice" my mum smiled. god alex knew how to suck up

"thank you alex hunny. im particulary fond of you aswell. especially as you have given me such a beautiful grandaughter." alex smiled. we ordered our food then a lady came over.

"excuse me but i happened to notice that louis tomlinson an alex drate are over here." she said

"yep thats us. what do you want signing?" i asked

"oh nothing" she said "im actually here about lana. i run a moeling agency for children back in lonon an i cant help think that lana is perfect. so gorgeous. clearly brought up nicely. pretty mum aswell which always helps. anyway what do you say that we give lana a job there." she said. i didnt know what to say

"its not really my decision to make. you better ask alex." i said

"umm. i suppose so but i get to come to all photoshoots with her and i have to authorise the photos that are used." she sai. boy that girl knew buisness. the lay took alexs number an agree to call alex when the first photoshoot wa ready.

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