do you remember summer 09

alex drate was louis tomlinsons summer love the year before x factor. they were 16 and in love. almost 4 years later they meet again.louis falls inlove all over again. but he has to make the choice between elounor and alex. but louis has more past with alex then he realised.


5. chapter 5


hey guys i would just like to say that i dont actually see elanor as a bitch. i think shes really nice but ths just fits in with the story. and thanks to those of you who have read and like quite a few of movellas. i know i have a lot but i have so many ideas com to my head. anyway thanks to people like muffins622 and beiblingdirectioner


louis p.o.v


i woke up next to alex with lana between us. i turned on the telly and there it was. me walking out of the hospital holding alexs hand and carrying lana.

louis tomlinson is really stepping up at being father of the year after he emeged from the hospital with his girlfriend alex drate and their daughter lana. in an interview with us liam payne said that he is already in love with louis little girl. he said she is sweet funny and extremely cute. he also told us that louis chose the colour orange for his cast because tht what lana wanted. aww louis you really know how to touch our hearts. who would have thought that the sometimes extremely immature 21 year old who talks to pigeons and wears carrott costumes could be such a great father. and now we have a video of what happened last night provided by one of the waiters

they showed a video which started from elanor shouting at alex the first time. i must admit it did look good when i ran in to protect my daughter ad when i told elanor it was over. the hit looked quite light aswell so i think i got away with that.

aww look at how loving and caring louis is. we saw that he hit elanor but seeing as she had just tried to hit his 3 year old daughter and had just knoked out his now girlfriend alex we will let him off. we all support you louis. send us your tweets at  #tommofatheroftheyear see ya later guys.

i went on twitter and saw all of the tweets for #tommofatheroftheyear they were all extremely nice but one caught my eye

@alex'tommo'drate: im so glad that louis is the father of my child. hes so good with her already and i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him #tommofatheroftheyear

i smiled that was the twitter account i set up for alex when we were in spain



"alexyou have to get twitter. then i can keep in touch with you easier if i lose your number or something" i whined

"okay" she said "but you have got to help me set it up" she said. i agree and set it up for her. she looked at it and laughed.

"alex tommo drate" she said.

"hell yeah" i replied "maybe one day you can be alex tomlinson." she nodded and laughed

*end of flashback*


"alex" i said. she rolled over and faced me

"uh huh" she said

"i was thinking that we could change lanas name to lana tomlinson." she nodded

"and maybe yours to alex tomlinson" she stared at me

"did you just ask me to marry you in the weirdest way possible." she said. i nodded.

"well then yeah. lets go for it." i smiled

"il get ya a ring later" i said and she smiled.

"i was watching the news you know" she said and i smiled "that bitch proper hit me" i laughed

"well i did hit her back for you baby." i said

"shes just lucky she knocked me out not you or lana or she would be in a cemetary not jail"  i laughed

"nice to know you are always there to protect me" i said

"im proud of you" she said "you stood up for me and our daughter. theres nothing i want more in a man"

i went on my twitter and tweeted @louistomlinson: having a well deserved lie in with me new fiance @alex'tommo'drate and daughter lana tomlinson. thats right people we are engaged. x

the tweet quickly got retweeted thousands of times and thousands of replies. soon #louex dratlinson was trending. then alex tweeted

@alex'tommo'drate: loving life with my husband to be @louistomlinson hes such a good dad already to lana tomlinson #tommofatheroftheyear #louex dratlinson

i was loving every second of this.

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