do you remember summer 09

alex drate was louis tomlinsons summer love the year before x factor. they were 16 and in love. almost 4 years later they meet again.louis falls inlove all over again. but he has to make the choice between elounor and alex. but louis has more past with alex then he realised.


4. chapter 4

alexs p.o.v


i slowly opened my eyes. in fron of me stood louis holding lanas hand.well with one hand. the other he had a cast on.

"what the hell happened after your psycho of a girlfriend..."

"ex gilfreind" he interupted

"ex girlfriend knocked me out?" i asked

"well" he said "liam took lana away from you and i hit el. she then pushed me over and i fell and broke my wrist. then the police and an ambulance came. liam and lana came to the hospital with you whilst me niall, harry and zayn went to the police station to press charges.."

"and..." i asked

"2 years or 8 months for good behaviour at the least." he said. i smiled

"cool colour of a cast." i said and he laughed

"lana chose it." i smiled

"i could of guessed." then lana ran up and bounced on the bed.

"mummy, daddy has a funny thing on his arm" she said and i laughed

"thats because daddy was a silly boy and fell over."

"can i have one" she asked

"no sweetheart. only daddy has one because hes a very silly boy" she giggled an ran over to liam. "uncle liam bought me sweeties when you were sleeping" i smiled again

"did he" she nodded. "uncle liam hey" liam chuckled.

"well i assumed you and lou are going to be together now so i think its only right i get the privelages of being the first uncle" i laughed then looked at louis.

"of course we are going to be together now" he said "if thats what you want" i nodded. he came over and kissed me

"mummy and daddy are kissing uncle liam. and they look silly" lana said and everyone laughed. i only remet louis this morning and lana already had a dad and 4 new uncles. then i stopped laughing

"my jhead hurts" i said and lana giggled

"daddy kiss it better" she said and louis did as hes told.

"welcome to being a parent. constantly being told what to do by someone less than half your size" i said and he smiled

"and imloving it already."  we turned the telly on and it was already on the news

todays top story- its all over for elanor calder and one directions louis tomlinson as it now appers that elanor is in prison. louis tomlinson told reporters that he met a girl called alex drate who he is now said to be dating in summer 2009. they apparently spent the whole summer together before going their seperate ways.they remet this morning and it has emerged that louis has a child. 3 year old lana drate or lana tomlinson whatever you wish to call her. apparently elenor didnt take the news too well and although louis was willing tocarry on the relationship with her she lost control. first by scratching alex deep in the face and then by attempting to hurt lana. when louis stepped in to save his daughter who he has only known a number of hours he decided that elanor wasnt worth it and ended it with her. what a faher already. elanor however didnt take this well and knocked alex out by hitting her on the head with a chair before pushing louis over and breaking his wrist. elanor is now facing up to 2 years in jail on charge of assult. we know one thing from this. if louis wants to protect his daughter after only knowing her for a few hours then we think he should be classed as father of the year. who agrees?

we turned the telly off and louis smiled.

"father of the year he said" i was allowed home today and the minute we walked out of the doo there were people already taking picures of us. me holding louis bad hand and him carrying lana with the other. i had stitches on my cheek where elanor scratched me so deep but i didnt care. at the end of the day i won.

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