do you remember summer 09

alex drate was louis tomlinsons summer love the year before x factor. they were 16 and in love. almost 4 years later they meet again.louis falls inlove all over again. but he has to make the choice between elounor and alex. but louis has more past with alex then he realised.


3. chapter 3

alexs po.v


we had been at the resturant for about 1 hour. louis looked a bit fidgety. the boys took him away from the table and off towards the toilets. that left me, lana and elounor at the table alone. lana was sitting there eating her ice cream. elounor was looking at her.

"how old is she?" she said

"3 and a bit" i replied.

"she kinda reminds me of lou in a way." she said. i was a bit surprised i thought lou had told her.

"well yeah. i should kinda hope she does seeing as shes his kid." elounor looked like somebody had slapped her in the face.

"you little bitch" she screamed "you had sex with my boyfriend" i laughed.

"yh like over 4 years ago. before you were even in his life." i replied trying not to laugh.

"you little bitch" she yelled. and scratched me really deep on my face. i felt the blood pour down my cheek.

"mummy" i heard lana yell. elounor lunged towards lana. i mean shes 3 what kind of psychotic bitch does that.

"you fucking dare" louis shouted and he ran towards lana. he picked her up and came over to me. "you know what elounor. i was willing to carry on with you and just be a part of lanas life. i decided to stay with you and not go with alex even though it was a fucking hard decision. but you know what screw you. you tried to hurt mydaughter and i cant stay with you. im sorry but i love alex and in the bottom of my heart i always have." elounor looked shocked. then next thing i knew she hit me on the head with a chair. i felt my legs bucklle under me and darkness clouded my vision. i heard a child scream and a lot of fighting but i couldnt see. the next thing i knew i was unconsious


louis p.o.v


i went into the toilets with the boys.

"what you gonna do?" harry asked. i gulped

"i think im gonna stay with elounor and just be part of lanas life." thy all nodded in agreement. i walked out of the door to hear elounor shouting.

"you little bitch you had sex with my boyfriend" she yelled. clearly alex had told her. then alex spoke. quite calmly considering

"y like over 4 years ago before you were even in his life" she said and all the boys laughed it was true. as i got to the main part of the resturant i saw elounor scratch alex in the face whilst calling her a bitch.

"mummy" lana yelled. elounor turned and lunged towards her.

"you fucking dare!" i shouted and ran towards lana. i picked her up and went over to alex. "you know what elounor. i was willing to carry on with you and just be a part of lanas life. i decided to stay with you and not go with alex even though it was a fucking hard desicion. but you know what screw you. you tried to hurt my daughter and i cant stay with you. im sorry but i love alex and in the bottom of my heart i alkways have." el looked shocked. she picked up a chair and hit alex on the head with it. alex fell down unconsious. lana screamed and liam picked her up and took her away from alex. i ran over to el and hit her. i know its wrong but she fucking deserved it. she leaped at me and i fell to the ground. i felt my arm crack and the pain was excruciating. i got up and saw 3 waiters tryting to restrain her. niall was the phone. presumably to an ambulance and the police. in 10 minutes an ambulance and a police car arrivered. alex was loaded into the ambulance. i told liam to take lana with him and go to the hosital in the ambulance. i went down the police station with niall and zayn. i was going to fucking killn elounor the next time i saw her so luckily for her they put her in the police car whilst i drove with one hand. i gave my story and soon we got the result. elounor was getting 2 years for assult with the least of 8 months for good behaviour. the bitch deserved it.

i walked out o the police station and there were cameras everywhere. "is it true elounors in prison louis" they were all shouted

"yes" i shouted "and she deserves it. im gonna tell you all now otherwise theres gonna be loads of rumours going around. in 2009 i went to spain for the entire summer and i met this girl alex. we were together the whle summer. we went hime and rarely spoke to eachother. i bumped into her earlier today and found out that she has a daughter. my daughter lana. we went to a resturant and i was planning on telling el but alex accidently beat me to it. el scratched her roung the face then tried to hurt lana. i got in the way and told her it was over. i want to be with alex because since 2009 she has always been in my heart. then elounor hit alex on the head with a chair so alex is currently in hospital unconsious. and then elounor pushed me over and now i think i have broken my arm so i you will excuse me i need to go to the hospital to find my daughter and sort my arm out." the cameras looked shocked but i didnt care. we got into the car and i drove us the the hospital. my hand ached but i had to see alex and lana.

i got to alex's rooma dn saw a doctor in there.

"shes in a drug induced coma" he said "we will take her out after we have checked her brain or any damge" he said.

"okay" i replied "can you check out my arm please. i think its broken. and can she come." i said pointing at lana. the doctor nodded and i followed him. holding lanas hand. whilst we were waiting for the results of my x-ray i spoke to lana.

"hello lana" i said

"hello" she replied "i know who you are" she said

"do you?" i asked a little confused

"yes" she said "your louis from one direction. mummy likes you" she said. i smiled

"im also your daddy" i said and she smiled

"yay" she said "i have always wanted a daddy. especially you. you are mummys favourite" i smiled again. then the doctor came in.

"mr tomlinson it is a nice clean break" he said. i walked with him into another room where they put a cast on. i got an orange one because i let lana choose the colour.

we walked back into alexs room just as they were about to wake her up.

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