Love Birds(Niall fanfiction)

Lucy is an ordinary girl . She lives with her best friend ,Renee , in London . Her other best friend is Harry Styles from One Direction . What will happen when she will fall for Harry's band mate , Niall , after not seeing him for a long time and a mysterious man , A , will start sending her strange messages ? Warning: Involves: Cutting, depression and sad parts.


3. Why i feel so lonely?


Hey guys this is the 3 Th chapter!! If anyone knows how to do a picture for the story let me know!!


*2 days later*

Lucy`s P.O.V.


I woke up from sunlight that entered my room from my window . Today! Today i would finally see Harry and the boys again  I`m really happy but scared to. 


What if they had changed?


What if they are not the boys that i used to know?


What if fame had changed their personalty and now they won`t like me?


I`m really scared for that because a lot of famous people have changed through the years. But I have to stay optimistic. They couldn`t have changed in 4 months so much.


I went to take a quick shower but all these things were going trough my mind. I worn my favorite hoodie and pair of jeans and I when`t tot the kitchen , because I was starving. I saw a piece of paper.


"HEY Lucyboo:) I have lessons. I will be home at 2 pm. Today Harry is coming. YAY. See ya :) xoxo."


I smiled and opend the fridge.


OMG: Nothing to eat. Renee must have eaten the last pieces of the pizza.


"Ohhh.. We run out of food. I have to go to eat out and go to the super market" I said with disappointment.


I really didn`t feel like going out but maybe a breakfast that I would have to make myself and a quick walk in the park would make my day.


I took some money, worn my converse an I closed the door. To my surprise even if it was Autumn, the weather was warm and sunny. Maybe the sky wanted to make me feel better. Who knows.


I walk for some minutes before entering a small breakfast restaurant that i have always been going with my dad when we were in London.


I sat next to the window and not all long time after that I saw a that a waiter was coming my way.


"Hello. What van I bring for you?" She said with a smile in his face


I was thinking for a few moments before i spoke.


"Hm.. I would like scrambled eggs with bacon and strong coffee" I answered and smiled to the waitress.


"Something else?" She asked.


"No thank you"


"Ok then. Your order will be ready in 5 minutes" She said and walked to the kitchen


From the window next to me I was watching cars on the road and the people tat were walking. They look so happy, and I should be happy too but why I`m not?


"Hello Miss. Your food. Good appetite." I thanked her and I started eating. It was the most delicious meal I had ever eaten. Well all the food that I have eaten in my whole life, maybe besides lentils (they are awful), where good. But probably because I was really hungry I would have eaten poo and I would have said it was delicious.


*after 30 minutes*


I paid for my meal and I started to walk to the park. Why the weather here can`t be like this everyday? I like rain but sun can really make you forget about everything.




I was walking in the park.


Parents were playing with their kids, some people were playing with their dogs, couples were walking holding hands and snogging and i was felling like an outsider. I was feeling lonely.


I knew i have Renee, Harry and my family but I wanted someone else. Someone that will love me more than just a friend. Someone that I`ll hold hands with, Kiss for hello`s and goodbye`s. Text him that I miss him when I`m lonely.


Someone that will love me forever. But I can only dream of something like that happening to me. I`m just a person that is in the wrong place. I`m a outsider. I really don`t know why Harry and Renee like me.


Maybe I have to change a little so people will like me? Why i`m even thinking of all these things today? I should have been happy that the boys are coming. Come on Lucy just be happy don`t worry about anything today.


You have to be strong only for today to see this big smile in Harry`s face when he will see me. I don`t  wan`t to see a sad worried face.


"White lips, pale face. Breathing in.."  It took me some moments to realize that my phone was ringing and the caller ID was Harry.


"Hello" I said and tried not to sound sad.


"Hey love. We are in London. Do you wan`t to come to my place? Please say yes!!" I giggled as he said that.


"Of course Haz. I will be there in 20 minutes" I said and i click the end call button.

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