Love Birds(Niall fanfiction)

Lucy is an ordinary girl . She lives with her best friend ,Renee , in London . Her other best friend is Harry Styles from One Direction . What will happen when she will fall for Harry's band mate , Niall , after not seeing him for a long time and a mysterious man , A , will start sending her strange messages ? Warning: Involves: Cutting, depression and sad parts.


11. We became public

Lucy's POV


I quietly closed the door just to not wake up Renee, who probably was sleeping. But no. I saw her and Harry snogging in our living room. They didn't seem to saw me so I didn't say anything and just walked to my bedroom. I laid in my bed and I put my headphones and I turned up the music.


Next morning Niall's POV


I was eating breakfast when suddenly my phone rang. I did not check the caller's ID and I answer> 

"Hello?" I asked.

"Niall. Where are you? We have a interview in 30 minutes and you had to be in my house 10 minutes ago." Liam said angrily. I totally forgot that we had an interview today. Probaly cause yesterday's night. It was amazing.

"Oh shit. I will be there in 5 minues. Wait." I ended the call and I quickly got my keys and drive to Liam's place.

"I'm really sorry guys but with all the things that happened yesterday I forgot about the interview." I apologized.

"Its ok Ni. You will tell us everything after the interview." Louis said.

We reached our destination. I saw a lot of paparazzi outside. They were asking us a lot of things and of course how was my dat with Lucy. I walked to the building and I saw the host.

"Hey guys we are going to be on air 10 minutes so dress up quickly and good luck." she said.

Lou gave us our outfits.

"Today we have in our show the one and only One Direction." I heard.

"Ok go boys" a man said to us.

"Hello" we all said and sat on the couch next to the host.

"Hello boys. It's really nice to have you here again. You just finished your tour and now you have 4 months break. How was it?"

"It was really nice like every tour but we had to work harder this time cause we had a tour all over the world and that means that we had to stay up all night a lot."

Liam said.

"And of course it was really hard for us to be so many months away from our families and friends." Harry added.

We were talking for some minutes and then he asked us  who is singl. Only Liam raise his hand as he had broken up with Dani and Harry and I have girlfriends now.

"The last time you were here I remember that Niall and Harry were the single ones. So you must be together not long time. Tell us about them. We know Louis' and Zayn's girlfriends but we want to know about your princesses" she said. We nodded.

"Her name is Renee. She is my Lucy's best friend so that's how I met her. She is beautiful, funny and I feel really happy when I'm with her. I was fancy her a lot of months and I asked her out 1 week ago and she said yes. So now we are together." Harry started. Now my turn. Wha if I will tell something stupid?

"What about your girlfriend Niall?" the lady asked.

"She's Lucy. Harry's best friend. I had a little crush on her since the first moment I saw her and I decided to ask her out after a little accident we had. We were in the park when we had our first kiss. It was the best thing ever. I felt butterflies in my stomach and I knew its her. My princess. We are only 1 day together but I really want to be with het together. I love her smile, her eyes, her sense of humor, her personality and her laugh." I said. Hopefully I did not say something stupid or did I??

"A little accident?? What do you mean?" she said and the boys looked at me confused. I said something stupid yayyy..

"Well.. she was at my place cause she hadn't had university at this day and she wanted a lazy day with someone. So she came to my house and we... were close to kiss each other.. This was 1 day before I asked her out."

After the interview I saw that I've got a message from Lucy.


Lucy<3: So now everyone knows bout us?? I would have preferred to keep it a secret for al little but it's ok. I love you too <3 Your smile, your beautiful eyes in the color of the sea after storm, your accent, the thing that you swear and you are still cute... a lot of other things but I would like to tell you in personally. <3 xoxo

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