Love Birds(Niall fanfiction)

Lucy is an ordinary girl . She lives with her best friend ,Renee , in London . Her other best friend is Harry Styles from One Direction . What will happen when she will fall for Harry's band mate , Niall , after not seeing him for a long time and a mysterious man , A , will start sending her strange messages ? Warning: Involves: Cutting, depression and sad parts.


8. It's her...


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Lucy's P.O.V.

I woke up to the sound of someones voice. I remember that I was watching a movie with Niall an I fell asleep.

Niall probably fell asleep too. "It's her..." I heard him mumble quietly after a few minutes.

Not really a surprise Niall sleep talk a lot. The fun part was that he usually spilled some secrets when he did I remember when before the tour I slept in Harry's house and I heard Niall sleep talking. I found out a lot of secrets about him. I grinned as I listened to hear what he said next

"It's her...She's the one I love..."  He murmured softly against my shoulder. I felt my heart drop.

Who did Niall love?

Was it his ex-girlfriend?

Did he still have feelings for her?

They broke up a while ago but maybe he still loved her. All this raced trough my mind, but it all came to a stop when the next words passed trough his lips "Lucy... I love her" I had never been so happy, and couldn't help but I was smiling like an idiot. I decided to wake him up, even if he was so cute when he was sleeping.

"Waky waky Irish man" I whispered to him

"Mmmmm" He murmured 

"Wake up Niall. We fell asleep on the couch." I said but this time louder.

"Mmm.. I wan't to sleep." 

"Ok so you wanna wake you in a harmful way." I quickly took a pail full of water and spit it to Niall

"AAAAAA...What the hell is going on? Why did you do that Lucy?" he said angrily

"I'm sorry but you just didn't wan't to wake up." I giggled

"You are going to pay for that. Be prepared. What time is it?"

"Its 9 pm. I'm not scared Ni. You will probably forget about it." 

"We will see." he said and he walked to his bedroom to change

I was sitting on the couch thinking about what happened earlier

The almost kiss and the sleep talking Niall saying that he likes me. We almost kissed. Our lips were closer than ever. I could fell his warm breath on my lips. Our eyes were inches far from each other. We could have kissed but that didn't happened. But now I know that he likes me

"Missed me?" I heard the Irish voice behind me.

"Yeah. Very much. I couldn't have spent one more minute without you" I joked. Well it was true but he doesn't have to know it.

"I really like your Irish British mixed accent" I blushed

"Well yours better. You have a really cute Irish accent." I saw he turned a little red.

"Do you want to eat something cause i'm starving." he asked

"Yeah. Foodie!! Hmm, we should order a pizaa. No no no.. we should make hamburgers. No I know were we should ho. To Nandossssss" Yeah Nandos I love Nandos. Their food it's so Delicious and I know Nialler loves it too

"Marry me " he said really quietly. I heard him but I pretended that I didn't

"What?" he turned red again

"High five"   He said and we tried to high five nu accidentally I hit Niall's head and he hit mines. We both burst in laugh.


Niall's P.O.V.


We took a table away from the other people. I just wanted to be there with Lucy. When she was sleeping I was thinking of different ways  to ask her out and I found the best one but it's a little bit risky.

"Niall..Niall..Hey Niall" I heard Lucy's voice.

"Hmmm?" I looked at her

"This lovely girl, Mila, asked you if she could take a photo with you and if you can give her an autograph." Both girls smiled to me

"Of course. Lucy can you take the picture?" I asked

"Sure" She said and took the picture. I give this girl a autograph  and she whispered to me

"Your friend is really nice. I would be really happy if you will be together."

After out meal we returned home

"So what are we going to do now? It's 10:30 pm."

"Another movie maybe. But this time something me interesting. Maybe scary movie? Maybe Te Cabin In The Woods?" I asked her

"Emm..Ok but can I hug you when I will be scared?"

"If you will be scared just close your eyes and hug me tightly" I whispered to her ear and she nodded. And again we fell asleep this time hugging each other. 


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