Love Birds(Niall fanfiction)

Lucy is an ordinary girl . She lives with her best friend ,Renee , in London . Her other best friend is Harry Styles from One Direction . What will happen when she will fall for Harry's band mate , Niall , after not seeing him for a long time and a mysterious man , A , will start sending her strange messages ? Warning: Involves: Cutting, depression and sad parts.


5. I missed you part 2


Niall`s P.O.V.


I went upstairs after cleaning the living room.


I was really nervous about Lucy coming here. I have to admit, I like her more than just a friend but she probably doesnt like me  the way I like her.


Why would she like me?


I really don`t deserve to be with her. I`m ugly and she is gorgeous and beautiful. She can have any man she will like to.


How someone can`t like her?


She`s perf.. Is that me or the doorbell just rang. That must me her. I opened my door quietly just to hear if that`s her.


"LUCYYYYYYY" Louis shouted. Yeah that`s her. Should I go downstairs to great her? No if she will like she will come here.


I was standing there listening to that conversation. Shit she`s coming. I run fast to the bedroom, grabbed my phone and quickly opened Twitter. A lot of new direct messages and tweets. They were all sating the same things


"Niall I love you. PLZ follow me" 


"Please follow me. I love you" 


some other hate tweets:


"I hate you. You don`t deserve to be in One Direction"


"One Direction would be better without you."


How much I hate these people. They hate me cause I`m living my dream.


"Niall?? Are you there?" I heard Lucy knocking the door.


"Yeah I`m here. Come in" I said quietly. She opened the door and I saw she had a really big grin on her face. She run to me and hugged me.


"Hey love." I said "I really missed you." I added


"I missed you too" She said and let me. We were talking about how was life these months. I yawned ans she said "You must be really tired I will leave you. You can sleep if you wan`t I just wanted to see you for a moment." She said and stand from my bed.


"No. I`m not very tired I will come with you downstairs." I grabbed her hand and started to run to the living room.


"Look you decided to join us." Zayn said. probably we were in my bedroom more than they expected. "What were you doing there?" He joked ans I blushed. And Zayn was the only one that knew i liked Lucy.


"Noting. Reallynothingjusttalkingaboutwhathappendthesemonths" She said really fast.


"What? Please can you say it slower now?  Harry said.


"Urmm... So basically... we were.. umm..just..talking..urm..about the previous.. uhmm... months." We all started   laughing except Harry who was looking at Lucy hurt.


"That was not funny Lucinda." He said ans she hugged him. She really hadn't changed at all. Same old Lucy.


I got passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it show it show it!


I`m sexy and I know it.

I`m sexy and I know it. "Ohhh... Sorry guys its Renee I have to answer"


Haha that`s the most strange ringtone a girls can have when her best friend is calling.


Lucy`s P.O.V.


"Ohhh... Sorry guys its Renee I have to answer" I said and walked to the kitchen.


I answered  it.


"Hey Renee"


"Where are you Lucy? You aren't home and you hadn't left a letter so I would know where you are." She shouted. 


"Calm down Renet. I`m at Harry`s place. And sorry that i didn't left a note but I was out when he called me."


"Ok so you are with the boys.. Can I come I just arrived home an I`m bored?" 


"Yeah why not. Let me just ask Harry." I said and shouted to Harry:




He run to the kitchen with a really big smile.


"Renee? you just said Renee? Of course she can come!"


"Ok you can come. You know the address. Just don`t be late. Bye" I said and I ended the call.


I went to the living room and I saw Harry dancing a really strange and funny dance.

and all the boys watching him laughing. I sat on the couch next to Liam and Niall. I couldn't stop laughing. Maybe he`s happy cause Renee is coming. That`s probably why he`s so happy.. Awwww he must like her too. I have to ask him.


We were talking for 30 minutes about the previous months.


Well they were talking and I was listening cause I hadn't had anything special to say. My life was a routine < Sleeping Uni Sleeping> or <Sleeping Working Sleeping>. My life is really boring without the boys.


I heard the doorbell and I saw that Harry really quickly stand up and went to open the door.


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